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DHL Rates Freight From China To The world

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China DHL Freight And DHL Rates

DHL international express is the world market leader in express delivery industry, it can send to 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120000 destinations (mainly post code area) network, provide mail and courier services to corporate and private customers.

DHL international express whether document or package, whether it is today, time limit or limit day arrived, DHL international express delivery can provide the services to meet your needs. It is the Hongkong DHL express in the domestic level agents, reasonable price, delivery fast, and is your first choice of international express service.

Goodhope Freight as one of the biggest DHL agent in China, we provide more than 5,000 KG cargo (documents, small packages which less than 21KG, big packages which more than 21KG, Heavy shipments which more than 70KG/each, wooden...)shipped by DHL Express everyday to keep DHL pick up your shipments in times, Quickly communication with DHL solve shipping problem, ready correct documents:"Commercial Invoice" "Packing List". We are the professional Cheap DHL rates fast handling your packages by DHL China express.

Why want to use our DHL account?

  • Our China DHL account proivde lower China DHL rates than your DHL account
  • We can pick up anywhere in China, Chinese DHL only can pick up from big cities in China
  • We ready all documents to both China DHL and destination customs clearance.
  • We collect from different place and package as one shipment to China DHL, save a lot of cost!
  • DHL international courier rates which From Shenzhen city

    DHL international courier rates list Shipping from Shenzhen city China to USA September 2024 . The rates doesn't include DHL Fuel Surcharge

    DHL charge per kg Rates list From China to USA
    Destination country Documents Small packages 0.5-5KG RM B Big Packages 5.5-10KG RMB Big packages 10.5-20.5KG / RMB Heavy Cargo discount rates(KG / RMB)
    first 0.5kg add 0.5kg first 0.5kg add 0.5kg first 0.5kg add 0.5kg first 0.5kg add 0.5kg 21-29KG 30-49KG 50-69KG 70-100KG 101-200KG 201-299KG 300KG +  500KG +
    USA / RMB 96.8  27.6  83.2  13.6  106.1  14.0  123.9  16.5  33.4  33.4  33.4  33.3  33.3  39.6  39.6  39.6