from China to USA

From China To USA

Do you desire to send goods to your relatives or friends from China to USA but fear that you may not find the best and convenient freight service available at China? Do you have issues with the safety and punctuality with the consignment you send from China to USA? Well, in such circumstances, we might be able to answer your call and put a fundamental solution to all your problems. Our freight service is the best at China and we have maintained our reputation through hard work and persistence. We, as a company, believe in providing best customer care and hold a check on the punctuality and safety of the consignments.

Shipping From China to USA face various problems

When shipping from China to USA other freight companies face various problems such as transit delays, mismanagement of goods, damage or high prices. Many shipping countries do not provide the door to door service from China to USA as we do because they spend many hours at different ports or different countries before reaching their final destination. In this whole procedure of theirs, there remains a high probability of losing some goods, facing damage or not being held to keep with the clock. We, on the other hand, have a whole different story. We provide the best affordable price in the market and as mentioned above, punctuality is our top priority. To cope up with the time, we do not participate in the hustle and bustle of spending time at different ports or taking undesirable routes, we rotate from door to door.

Some of the most attractive facts about our service is that we do not only employ the land freight service for your goods, but we use various transport routes for providing the satisfaction you demand. We have many categories at our ocean freight service such as standard FCL(Full Container Load), LCL(Less Container Load), out of Gauge and Roll on or Roll off service so that you can easily locate different goods on their journey from China to USA. Not only this, if you want us to deal with your sensitive cargo which you believe might not be best to transport via sea, then we also have an Air Cargo Service for your goods as well.

Good Services From China To USA

Once when you trust us to deal with your stuff, we hold your stuff in the best hands of our company. You need only to provide the specific details about your goods because the rest is our responsibility. We manage the packing and pick up of the product on our own. In case you find problems with custom clearance, we also handle that on your behalf. Our team is friendly and will always be assisting the customer whenever he finds us necessary. We will load and unload your goods, and above all, you won’t have to move as we will be at your doorstep because we have the door to door facility even from China to USA.

If you still require time to consider the offer, visit our website which has all the information briefly. We are always available to answer our customer’s queries and take a good care of their worries.

Freight Forwarding company in US

We are the freight forwarding company based in US.

A Domestic and Worldwide Shipping Agent

US Licensed, Insured and Bonded Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

Active professionally in worldwide cargo handling through our service center located in Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York. (Pallet shipping, cargo, freight forwarding and more). Current a member of Sea Rates, Freight Net, Load Match, and Alibaba.

Line has developed into a competitive shipping company providing a wide range of freight forwarding services. We have established a cooperative strategy between the customer service, operations, and sales departments. Through our energetic team work, we are growing rapidly in the international freight forwarding business.

Because of our international and domestic service network, we are able to provide our customers the most effective worldwide transportation services available. The list of international countries we service has expanded to worldwide on both importing and exporting. With multilingual team members, we are able to better serve our international customers’ needs.