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How to shipping containers from China to Uruguay

Very many people take freight shipping from China as a real hassle and a hard undertaking. However, sea freights and shipping should not keep one up at night. There are various complexities when importing from China. With adequate knowledge of all the delivery related issues, you are assured of an easy shipping venture. Read through to understand how sea freight work when shipping containers from China to Uruguay.

Shipping Container Incoterms With China Suppliers

These are international standard codes adhered to when shipping. For instance, FOB (Free on Board) is a system that only counts for transportation of the container from the factory to the port of destination. It further incorporates the export procedures for legal exporting. One can even opt for the DAP (Delivered at Place) that integrates shipping from the factory to a particular address overseas such as your office or warehouse. To successfully ship a container, one ought to fully understand the various Incoterms available when shipping from China to Uruguay.

FCL and LCL ContainerShipping ways

Sea freight does not exclude individuals importing goods in small volumes from China. That is why there are the FCL and LCL shipping options. FCL (Full Container Load) is the most common cost efficient method available. This is when waged by cost per volumetric unit and weight unit. However, small buyers opt for the LCL (Less Container Load). This is a shared container load. The cost of freight per volumetric unit is higher compared to that of FCL. How to load container in local China ports, you can learn more by your freight forwarder

Freight insurance when Shipping from China to Uruguay

Ensuring your cargo during the shipping process is imperative. However, insurance is a default requirement. Normally, shipping insurance from China to Uruguay is not that expensive costing around $50 to$100. The insurance policy only covers the value of the cargo on board. Should there be transportation damage, the policy does not cover for lost sales or product development cost.

Shipping time From China to Uruguay

On average, it takes 32 days to ship containers from China to Uruguay. However, some things can cause delay. For instance, it can take days for the cargo to be loaded at the port in China. Keep in mind similar administrative protocols applies in the port of destination. Sea shipping is always slower and unpredictable compared to air freight. Information on the approximate time of delay can be obtained from the ports.

By air freight shipping from "Shanghai Pudong International Airport" PVG to Montevideo MVD airport use BA cargo airlines take 5~8 days.

Container volumes

For individuals using FCL for shipment, there are four containers options as shown below.

The various volume may differ slightly in the different shipping companies. However, the difference is always negligible.

Packaging exports When Containers Shipping

One ought to be sufficiently protected. Packaging should be reliable and durable to keep the goods for a longer time shipping from China to Uruguay. Chinese suppliers are used to using cheap packaging for their exports. Hence, it’s imperative to contract a reliable packaging company. However, there are some shipping packaging regulations. It is important to fully adhere to them for safe and legal container shipment to Uruguay.