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Price List of EMS from China to Belarus

Price List of EMS from China to Belarus

Price List of Guangzhou EMS International Express (published price) - Belarus





Discount price of EMS


Starting weight 0.5KG

Continued weight 0.5KG





47.2% off

10kg for Cuba;
20kg for Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Guyana and Argentina;
50kg for Columbia

Please refer to “Notice for EMS International Express” and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

According to the price list of Guangzhou EMS in 2020;, you can enjoy the lowest discount of 47.2% off for parcels sent from China to Belarus. The published price of EMS for starting weight, 0.5 kg, is RMB 335, and RMB 100 for each additional 0.5kg. After discount, the price for starting weight is RMB 176.88, and RMB 52.8 for each additional 0.5kg. The discount price of EMS from China to Belarus is about half the announced price.

EMS Belarusian express can be tracked in several ways, first, it is through the official website of China Post to find out where your parcel is in real time. Second, you can call EMS customer service at 11183, and they will help you; third, you can track your parcel through the WeChat official account of EMS.

How long does it take to send goods to Belarus? It takes about 10 working days for EMS to send it to Belarus, for the time you send the package to the post office to when the receiver receives the package.

Is there any discount on the price of EMS from China to Belarus? Discounts are usually offered to large customers, such as Taobao and Jingdong, as well as to local international freight forwarders in China. Ordinary people can only contact these companies if they want a discount.

There is no problem in sending books to Belarus if the contents of these books are legal. The postage for sending books to Belarus is also charged according to the published standard price.

What express is there for sending goods from China to Belarus? EMS offer such services to Belarus, YTO, STO, ZTO and YunDa have not engaged in international business to Belarus, nor has SF.

The price for sending goods from China to Belarus is according to what kind of international express you choose, and different express companies charge differently. If you want to get cheap door-to-door service to deliver a large number of goods to Belarus, you can choose the Belarusian express line. The price of EMS to Belarus is relatively high.

Belarusian Express Taboo: the goods that are not allowed to export and import by China Customs and Belarusian customs, not in line with the import right, and of no complete relevant information are taboo.

What kind of logistics can offer services to Belarus? International air transport or international automobile transport, container railway transport of China Railway Express, and EMS.

EMS can reach the cities (Bobulisk, Minsk, Vitebsk, Soligorsk, Pinsk, Olsa, New Polotsk, Moziri, Molojejino, Lida) and villages in Belarus , which are very developed! To Belarus Express; SF Belarus; Belarusian logistics; Belarus Express taboo; postage from Belarus to China; Belarus to Italy; sending goods from China to Belarus.