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China railway express

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China to Europe Container Railway Freight-China Railway Express

Rail freight from China To Europe

update some "rail freight price from China to Europe" weekly. 2024 -06-23

Since Xi Jinping advocated the construction of the “Belt and Road” and revived China’s “Silk Road”, China’s trade with Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and European countries has developed rapidly. The development of commerce requires the support of logistics development, and the development of logistics requires a strong investment in logistics infrastructure. This resulted in the China Railway Express.

In the past few years, our country has invested a large amount of money to do a good job in railway construction in the direction of Europe. Up to now, it has basically opened up the railway lines leading to Europe in all major directions.

The railway container export yard and the customs inspection window have been added, which improves the efficiency of the international railway customs. All of this cooperated with the work of China Railway Express.They added containers for turnover. The logistics facilities and related services in China are already quite sufficient to meet the existing market demand.

Countries, which have been able to provide FCL service of China Railway Express to the destination railway station until now, are: Nuremberg / Duisburg / Hamburg / Munich, Germany; Tilburg, Netherlands; Moscow, Russia; Marashević/ Rhodes / Warsaw, Poland; Budapest, Hungary. All of which, Germany has the most trains of China Railway Express, basically all the rains of China Railway Express departed from various cities in China provide railway freight services to Germany.

Like the seaport, not all the countries have a seaport or a large container terminal. The railway freight station is the same. Only a few railway stations can provide container freight services.Duisburg in Germany is a railway station with relatively mature railway freight. It has complete infrastructure, a large-scale customs supervision warehouse, container lifting and container trailers, and there are enough skilled operators in the railway station. It can provide timely and perfect railway freight services for a large number of goods transported from China.

In addition to the FCL service provided by the railway freight company of China to Europe Railway Freight Service, international freight forwarders also provides professional LCL railway freight services from China to countries in Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. After years of development, the railway LCL railway freight services has been adopted by more and more customers from its difficult process to the mature development.

China to Europe International LCL Railway Freight is not limited to the railway station, but it can be flexibly unpacked from the railway station and transported by truck to all countries in Europe, including: Austria, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland. Denmark France Netherlands Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Monaco Sweden UK Ireland Finland Portugal Spain Greece.

Service of China Railway Express

It includes FCL railway freight and standard container railway freight

FCL railway freight is the transportation of goods that are not enough to fill a container

The railway freezer is the basic equipment providing refrigeration for international railway freight.

Lines of China Railway Express

China Railway Express is still in the initial stage of development. China's territory is vast, and it is impossible to develop from nothing to something in a few years. The construction of the line will take some time and gradually improve. Here, we introduce several lines of China Railway Express that are relatively mature in operation, so that everyone can better understand the international railway freight and the corresponding services.

By 2024 , there have been more than 30 railway lines for transporting goods from China to Europe, from different cities in China to countries in Europe.

  • Zhengzhou-Europe International Container Railway,  Zhengzhou to Europe railway freight, the railway stations in Europe are Marašević sattion, Poland (PL) and Hamburg/Munich station, Germany (DE). There is basically a train departed from China to Europe every day. There are many types of containers, including standard container, FCL, LCL, special container services, open top container, and hanging closet container, and it accept 20GP container.
  • Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Container Railway, Chongqing, China to Europe railway freight, the first railway line from China to Europe, it has many service points and perfect services.
  • Harbin-Europe International Container Railway:It departs from Harbin Railway Station to Europe
  • Wuhan -Europe International Container Railway: Wuhan to European railway freight,  Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe International Container Railway, Wuhan, China to Europe, Poland, Germany, France. Compared with other China Railway Express, the freight rate of Hanxin Ou International Container Railway is relatively high.
  • Chengdu-Europe International Container Railway: Chengdu to Poland, Europe. Chengdu, China to Europe railway freight, the starting railway station is Chengdu Chengxiang Station, the destination train station is Lodz, Poland / Nuremberg, Germany / Tilburg, The Netherlands. The weekly departures of Rong Ou International Container Railway are similar to those of Zheng Ou International Container Railway. The biggest advantage is that it can be delivered directly from China to the Netherlands in the shortest time.
  • Suzhou-Manzhouli-Europe International Container Railway
  • Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe International Container Railway
  • Hunan-Europe International Container Railway, China Changsha North Station to Europe, Germany, Hungary and other countries of international railway freight. This line provides differentiated services abroad. Changsha, Hunan is close to southern Guangdong, which is conducive to the transport of goods in the Pearl River Delta to Europe by railway.
  • Guangzhou-Manzhouli-Europe International Container Railway, Dalang, Guangzhou, China to Moscow, Russia Railway Freight

These lines of China Railway Express need to be exported through the two railway ports of Alashankou or Manzhouli.

Problems with China Railway Express

  • 1. The track standards of national railways are different. The railway tracks in China and Europe are the same, but is different from that of Russia. But the railways need to go through Russia, so the train needs to be changed when it arrives in Russia. The Russian trains need to be changed when they arrive in Europe. This invisibly increases the cost of railway freight.
  • 2. The problem of railway technology, railway technology can not keep up with the rapid growth of international railway freight demand. If the reefer freight takes about 15 days, a full tank of oil can support the whole process. It takes longer to meet the customs inspection during transportation, which will not guarantee full refrigeration. If you can't refrigerate the product, it will easily go stale and cause huge losses.
  • 3. Document issues. International railways do not have a uniform bill of lading as international sea freight. Therefore, the bill of lading issued on the Chinese railway cannot be used directly in the European destination countries. Stability problem, temporarily unable to realize the fixed weekly schedule
  • 4. The problem of freight volume, many trains can be loaded with goods from China to Europe, but there is no source of goods from Europe to China.
  • 5. Loading and unloading issues of European railway. The international transfer railway station, especially in Europe, does not have enough loading and unloading capacity, so that the trains at the station can not be unloaded, often waiting in line for several days or longer.

Railway Freight of China to European Countries

Railway Freight of China to Poland

Polish railway, China to Poland railway freight, From the railway route map, Poland is closest to China, and the first stop of the railway freight from China to Europe is in Marashevich/Warsaw/Lodz, Poland. On the average, it only takes 15 days from China to Poland by railway. Due to the unique geographical conditions of Poland, goods close to the Polish country will choose to transit from Poland.

Railway Freight of China to Germany

German Railways, China to Germany, Europe railway is about 3,800 kilometers, and it is estimated that it will take 16 days from the moment of departure from China.

The German railway network line is the most developed in Europe, and the train stations providing international freight are the most, including: Hamburg/Duisburg/Nuremberg/Munich, and basically all the lines of China Railway Express provide railway freight to Germany. Germany is also the transfer center of other European countries. After China's cargo container transported to Germany, it is transported from Germany to other European countries through customs supervision vehicles.

China to Germany Railway Freight Route Map

Railway Freight of China to Italy

The Italian Railways, the trains of China Railway Freight that directly arrive in Italy are the trains from the Chengdu Railway Station in Sichuan, China.

China to Italy Railway Freight

Railway Freight of China to UK

China to the UK railway freight, although the United Kingdom is one of the big countries in Europe, but from the map it can be seen that the United Kingdom is located in the eastern part of Europe and are separated by a strait with other countries. The trains from China to the UK needs to go through a bridge, so it has strict requirements on the weight of the goods on the railway to the United Kingdom, and it is not suitable for the transportation of goods to the United Kingdom.

Therefore, the China Railway Express have not provided direct railway freight to the United Kingdom. If you need to transport goods from China to the UK, you can only use a truck to transfer goods through other countries.

Railway Freight of China to Netherlands

China to Netherlands railway freight, the line of China Railway Express provides railway freight to the Dutch city is the International Container Railway from China Chengdu Railway Station to Tilburg. This is the only train that can transport goods directly from China to Netherlands by railway.

If you want to transport LED screens from Shenzhen, Guangdong to the Netherlands, it takes two days to send the goods to the Chengdu Railway Station, load the container here, and then transport to the Netherlands, which is 80% less expensive than the International Air Freight.

Railway Freight of China to Iran

China to Iran railway freight lines have started from different places and now there are more than three mature lines of China Railway Express leading to Iran. As an important transit country in the Middle East, Iran has railway fright service in addition to the port, Abbas. Hunan Changsha Railway Station provides international railway freight services from China to Iran.

Referred to as the Hunan-Europe International Container Railway. Middle East International Container Railway (Changsha - Tehran, Iran), is opened on December 28, 2024 , and the whole journey is 14 days. The line is: Changsha - (Khorgos / Atenkori) - Kazakhstan - (Bala Shaq/Sherkhka) - Turkmenistan - (Sarahes / Sheilahes) - Iran. It is 10,297 km. Departure station: Changsha North Railway Station (formerly Xia Ning Station)

Destination Station: Shahyar Railway Freight Yard, Tehran, Iran

Railway Freight of China to Hungary

The cities that provide rail way freight from China to Europe are Changsha, Hunan and and Xi'an, Shaanxi, Hunan-Europe International Container Railway and the Xi'an Station of China Railway Express . Hungarian rail way freight can reach Central and Eastern Europe countries such as Slovakia and Romania.

Railway Freight of China to France

China to France railway freight of China Railway Express is departed from Wuhan Railway Station and goes directly to the Lyon train station in France. The whole journey is 16 days. If there is a need to send goods to France, you had better choose Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe International Container Railway, the fastest railway. China to France container railway freight forwarder.

Railway Freight of China to Belarus

China to Belarus railway freight. The volume of trade between Belarus and China is huge, and goods transported from China to Belarus are mainly transported by railway. It takes only about 10 days from China to Belarus by Hunan-Europe International Container Railway.

Railway Freight of China to Finland

The Belt and Road China Railway Express from China to Finland has an important effect on the development of the economy between the two countries.

Railway Freight of China to Kazakhstan

The richest country among the five Central Asian Countries, China to Kazakhstan railway freight

China to Uzbekistan Railway Freight

The rates of China to Uzbekistan Railway Freight

China to Uzbekistan Railway Line and Map

Railway Freight of China to Netherlands

Beautiful windmill country, Netherlands. China to the Netherlands railway freight

Railway Freight of China to Uzbekistan

China to Uzbekistan Railway Freight

China to Russia International Railway Freight

China to Russia International Railway Freight

Basic Knowledge of International Railway Freight

Some relevant knowledge about international container railway freight, such as export documents, loading containers, etc.

Freight List of China Railway Express

The freight of Zhengzhou-Europe International Container Railway of China Railway Express. The freight of container railway freight is about the freight of FCL and LCL from Zhengzhou, China to various countries in Europe.

China to Europe railway freight is also the most important infrastructure for China's revitalization of the Silk Road and meets the international logistics needs between sea and air freight. The transit time is less than half of the time of traditional international sea freight, and the cost is less than 50% of the traditional air freight. The construction of the “Belt and Road” provided by President Xi Jinping and the opening of the China Railway Express have greatly promoted the trade between various regions between the Chinese mainland and the Middle East and Europe, which has driven the economic development of many related countries and reduced the cost for enterprises, and it paved the way for China to go to the world.

After several years of development, China to Europe railway freight (China Railway Express) has gone from the exploration stage to the stage of maturity and stability, and is gradually recognized by the public like international sea freight.The international freight forwarders that provide general services cannot meet needs of customers. As one of the international freight forwarders of China to European Railway Freight, Goodhopee Freight International Logistics has accelerated its development with the development of China Railway Express, and strives to build a well-known enterprise that becomes an international railway freight forwarder, providing customers with more and better railway freight services.