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China to Russia International Railway Freight

What are the lines of China to Russia international railway freight? And what’s the Transit time, railway freight, advantage of booking forwarder?transport time railway price booking agent advantage, container train Guangdong to Moscow.

The China to Russian international railway freight originated from a relatively long time ago, and it was in the recent China Railway Express in the construction of the Silk Road and the One Belt and One Road proposed by Xi Jinping. Everyone knows that China to Europe container freight must pass through Russia. It must use Russian railway to finally reach European countries such as Poland and Germany.

The international railway freight destinations between China and Russia are Guang-Man-Russia Banlie in Guangzhou, China-Mongolia-Russia Banlie in Shantou, Harbin - Europe railway shipping services in Harbin. Many cities such as Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha, Wuhan, and Yiwu have provided container railway freight services to Russia.

China to Russia international container railway freight destinations in Russia's train stations are: Moscow (Hoffino) and Moscow Volsino station. Moscow is the capital of Russia, Moscow and its surrounding cities are Russia's population gathering place. More than 60% of Chinese goods are transported to Moscow through various channels. The traditional ways include air freight from to Moscow, and international sea freight through European transit ports,such as, Hamburg Port, Germany, Gdynia, Poland, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok in Russia and then by railway or truck. Among them, the largest cargo volume are transported to Moscow through the European port and then, from St. Petersburg, by train. The transit time can be up to 60 or even more days to reach Moscow. In addition, if there are some customs clearance problems, it takes more than three months for cargo, transported from China to Moscow, to reach the destination.

The opening of the Russia railway line of China Railway Express has solved the problem of high freight rates and long transit times between China and Russia. It has provided the most powerful guarantee to promote the development of trade between China and Russia and reduced the trade cost between the two countries.

Russian merchants purchasing on Taobao and other platforms in China, regardless of whether the goods are in the Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market in East China or the Baimashahe Road Clothing Bag Wholesale Market in Guangzhou, mobile electronic products wholesale market in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, it can be very convenient to choose Yiwu to Moscow, Russia container railway freight, Guangzhou to Moscow, Russia container railway freight, and Shantou, Shenzhen to Moscow, Russia container railway freight. The goods in Beijing can be transported to Xi'an and then transported to Moscow, Russia via container railway. The freight will be reduced by 80% compared to the current Russian truck transportation. At the same time, the transportation volume of trucks is small, and the risk of grey customs clearance at the Chinese border is serious. The customs clearance can be directly paid in Moscow through China - Russia Banlie, and the cargo safety is fully guaranteed.

Lines of China to Russia International Railway Freight

Lines of China to Russia International Railway Freight mainly introduces several international multimodal freight lines: Guang-Man-Russia Banlie, China-Mongolia-Russia Banlie and Yu-Man-Russia Banlie.

  • Guang-Man-Russia Banlie, also known as Yue-Man-Russia Banlie or Sui-Man-Russia Banlie, is the line of the Guangzhou International Railway Station. The stations are: Dalang Station, Guangzhou - Manzhouli/post-Bakarsk - Moscow Ersino Station. The whole journey is 13 days.
  • The largest container railway freight line between China and Russia operated by COSCO Containers Co., Ltd. In China-Mongolia-Russia Banlie. The goods from Guangdong and Yiwu, Central China were transported by container to Moscow, Russia, mainly through sea freight and international railway freight. The starting point and the stations passing through of the China-Mongolia-Russia Banlie line are: Nansha Port / Shantou Port - Tianjin Port - Erlianhot --- Ulaanbaatar --- Moscow (Hoffino). The total time required is 15 days.
  • Yu-Man-Russia Banlie operating in 2016 started from Chongqing West Logistics Park. Up to now, this international container railway line is the most mature freight line between China and Russia. the stations of Yu-Man-Russia Banlie in China to Russia international railway freight line need to pass through are: Chongqing - Manzhouli - Siberia - Moscow. The railway transit time is 11 days.
  • Zheng-Man-Russian Bnalie, Zhengzhou to Russia container railway freight line is: Zhengzhou - Beijing - Mongolia - Brest, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg. The whole journey is 12~15 days.

Lines of China to Russia International Railway Freight Forwarder

China to Russia international railway freight involves international logistics. Exports need to be officially declared to the Chinese customs. When the goods arrive at the destination railway station, they need to declare the import and pay the required customs duties and consumption tax to the Russian customs. International railways to Russia must be arranged by professional international freight forwarders to book with the railway company, deal with trailer loading, customs clearance, documents and other work. The cost of the railway freight depends on the freight of the international freight forwarder you cooperate with and the corresponding railway company. The high freight and low freight of railway containers affect the costs.

There are very few container railway forwarders in China to Russia international railway freight industry , and there are fewer international railway freight services like Goodhopee Freight. Most Freight forwarder engaged in international express delivery and international air freight do not understand the operational procedures of international railway freight. Therefore, if you want goods to be transported from China to Russia or from Russia to China via international railway, you must cooperate with a professional railway freight forwarder, in order to get low rail freight and professional services and safely and stably transport the goods to various part of Russia.