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China to Iran Railway container shipping

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China to Iran Railway Freight - International Container Railway Freight

For China to Iran railway freight is shipping container from cities of China to , Germany, Tehran, which line of the FCL and LCL railway freight of China Railway Express provide this service. If there is goods need to be sent to Iran, which international railway freight forwarder you find should to help you book.

There is brief introduction of China international railway freight line to Iran, the situation of transportation of Inner Mongolia and Hunan Changsha railway station of China to Iran and transit time.

Railway freight line from Inner Mongolia, China to Iran

The line of Bayannaoer of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to Tehran, The first train departed from Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to the Iranian capital Tehran Railway Station on April 10, 2024 . It passes through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The train runs around 8000 km, and it is expected to arrive at the destination in 15 days.

The choice of this train from Bayannaoer has a lot to do with the local cargo transportation needs. Bayannaoer is rich in sunflower seeds, and Iran has a large demand for sunflower oil. Most of the sunflower seeds produced here are sold in the Iranian market, but the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is far away from the sae freight port. The goods need to be transported to Tianjin or Qingdao Port. It is transported to the ABBAS port in Iran through international shipping containers, and the transit time is long and the transportation cost is high.

The opening of railway freight from Bayannaoer, China to Iran first is for the needs of local enterprises; the second is to respond to the country's One Belt and One Road Initiative. The opening of this train is significant, indicating that China's One Belt and One Road has slowly advanced.

Railway Freight from Changsha, China to Iran

container shipping to tehran

Changsha - Europe railway shipping services is a new route of China Railway Express started on December 28, 2024 , from Changsha, Hunan, China, to the to Tehran, Iran. It passes through Horgos and is the gateway to Central Asia in South China. The Silk Road is a new threshold.

The line of Changsha - Europe railway shipping services to Iran is: Changsha-Horgos/Atenkori - Kazakhstan - Balashak / Shelkh Kakar - Turkmenistan - Salahs / Sheilahes - Iran, the whole journey is 10297KM. It is estimated that it will take 15 days. The Chinese exit port is Alashankou. It takes about 4 days to change the train tracks in the two places of Dostyk and Salahs.

China railway freight of Changsha - Europe railway shipping services to Iran is fixed every Thursday, and before every Tuesday you need to clear the customs, that is, you should at the latest send the goods to Hunan Changsha North Station on Monday. This is similar to the export operation process of the sea freight, and the time is similar.

Reference forb Changsha to Iran Train Line

  • A. Departure Station: Changsha North Railway Station (formerly Xia Ning Station).
  • B. Port Reloading: Khorgos (China) / Atenkori (Kazakhstan).
  • C. Port Change: Salahs (Turkmenistan) / Sheilahes (Iran).
  • D. Destination Station: Shahyar Railway Freight Yard in Tehran, Iran.

Changsha - Europe railway shipping services container China to Iran railway has been in operation for about 6 months so far. For container requirements, only 40-size HQ (40 HQ) booking cargo service are provided. There is no such services for 20-size small cubes and 40 GP flat cubes, and the service is relatively simple.

The terms between the two railways are: station to station CY to CY, that is, the cost of container railway freight only includes the train station to the train station, which is actually the customs supervision warehouse of the train station of the two countries. The consignor needs to pay the local expenses and request the international railway freight forwarder to carry out export declaration; at the same time, the goods arrive at the Tehran Railway Station in Iran, the consignee needs to carry out import declaration and pay tax payment, the local train station fee and the agency fee.

There are three lines of the railway freight to choose from Changsha, Hunan, China to Iran, and the railway lines from Changsha to Iran pass through different countries. After many years of transportation experience, the railway line above is in the most reliable and stable operation.

departure station of China to Iran Railway freight is not only Bayannaoer in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, but also Changsha in Hunan, China. Xi'an and Zhejiang Yiwu have also opened international multimodal freight services to Iranian container railway freight, whether it is Changsha - Europe railway shipping services or Yi Ou Banlie, If you have goods in any place in China such as: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou,and so on. You can transport goods to these Stations, through the international railway freight forwarder - Goodhopee Freight International Logistics, which will help you quickly transport your goods to Iran by railway.

The freight of the China to Iran railway has different starting points. The freight of the FCL is different from that of the LCL. Compared with the freight of sea freight, the freight of railway freight is relatively high, and its cost is much higher than that of ship freight. If you need to know the actual railway freight, you need to provide your actual cargo "packing list" to the international railway freight forwarder (Goodhopee Freight), they will provide you with quotation and booking service according to product, size, weight and delivery time. .

Although it is necessary to reach the standard of departure frequency of China Railway Express every week at a fixed time, and it is still a little difficult for keeping balance between export and import. I believe that China to Iran railway is not only the end of China's New Silk Road, but we see Iran as the starting point of Central Asia, which connects China to Central Asia, Europe and Russia. Central Asian railway freight, and China-Europe railway freight promote the overall economy prosperity and development of the Belt and Road.