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China to UK Railway Freight

China to UK railway fright services began as a sub-service of China Railway Express. Because the UK is located in western Europe, it is separated from most other countries in Europe by sea and is a separated part of the European sector, which is not conducive to railway freight and only applies to passenger transport services.

Therefore, the international railway freight service from China to the United Kingdom ends in Germany. It is necessary to transport the FCL or LCL to the UK, and it needs to be transferred from Germany by trucks to all parts of the UK such as London.

The UK local railway is well connected to the EU countries, if you want to travel by train from the UK to Germany / France / Italy / Romania / Switzerland / Czech / Netherlandsand so on. The land area of the UK is almost the same as that of Guangdong Province, including the Northern Ireland region. Traveling by train is very convenient, Felixstowe / London / Southampton / Aberdeenshire / Birmingham / Edinburgh / Liverpool / Nottingham / Thames Port.

Yiwu to London Railway Line

First of all, the railway line from Yiwu to London does not exist. The line from Yiwu to Europe fo China Railway Express is Yiwu - Europe railway shipping services,and the starting railway station is Yiwu City, and it has a total of four railway lines leading to the EU countries, separately from Yiwu to Germany, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. Goods from Yiwu, China through international railway freight to London, England must be cleared through the terminal station of these four railway lines or transferred to the United Kingdom. For example, the terminal station of the railway line from Yiwu to Poland is Marašević.

The whole time of transportation is 12 days. After the completion of the customs clearance in the Marashevich, the goods are sent to various cities in the UK by local trucks in Europe, including London. If it is a container, it can be transported to the UK by a trailer.

Compared to sea freight, international freight from China to the UK,railway freight in the central and eastern parts of China and the northern inland areas save about 15 days or more. Although the goods, through the railway line from Yiwu to London in the UK, really needs to be transited through other European countries, it still has an advantage.

The advantage of railway freight to the UK in southern China, such as Guangdong and Shenzhen, is not obvious, because the sea freight between Shenzhen and Felixstowe/Southampton only takes about 20 days, and the schedule is intensive.

Returning to China by train from the UK

From the UK, You took the train back to China, with good wishes and imagination, relying on the train window, wearing headphones, and listening to the pure music of Cai Qin’s "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", some small happiness Or a little pain will be along with the music...

When you wake up, then go to the airport to buy a plane ticket and fly back to China. Maybe one day, you can take a train back to China from the UK. You will realize it, but you didn’t have the mood to appreciate the scenery along the way. No one is worthy of your thoughts.

The train from Beijing to London

Is there a train from Beijing to London? A train trip? It does not exist yet. China railway freight to the United Kingdom temporarily did not provide services to transport passengers.This line needs to pass through the customs of many countries, which have no customs clearance policy to permit passenger transport services.

Is it possible to transport goods from Beijing to London? The answer is yes! We can transport the goods from Beijing to Xi'an Railway Station, Zhengzhou Railway Station and Yiwu Railway Station through the China Railway Express, and then transport the goods to the European countries through standard container HQ and finally transported the goods by truck to London, England. How much time does that train from Beijing to London take? The whole journey is about 20 to 25 days.

China to UK Railway Freight Double Clear Tax Freight

China to the UK railway freight double clear tax freight is mainly for small pieces of goods sent to the private address, ordinary warehouse address and the British Amazon FBA warehouse.

The line of China to UK Railway Freight LCL Double Clear Tax of China Railway Express is: loading in Shenzhen before every Friday, from Shenzhen to Changsha, Hunan and then it takes the Xiang Ou Express Line to the Budapest International Railway Bonded Warehouse in Hungary. Customs clearance is completed at this warehouse, after customs clearance,we handed over the goods to the local cities by UPS express or truck. The entire journey is expected to be 25 to 30 days.

China to UK Railway Freight Double Clear Tax Freight List
Country Two-letter Code 101-300KG 301-500KG 501-1000KG 1001KG+
UK GB 16.5 16.0 15.5 15.5

The currency of the charge is: RMB