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China to France International Railway Freight

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China to France International Railway Freight

China to France international railway freight service is one of the lines of the China Railway Express, which goes straight to Lyon, there is the introduction about the Customs clearance and door-to-door service of full container and LCL, the freight and booking agent.

France is located in eastern Europe, close to Germany, Italy and Spain, and is a relatively large country in the European Union. It, from China to France of China Railway Express, passes through Poland and Germany and finally arrives at Lyon International Railway Station.

Lyon is located in the northwest of France, about 700 km from the sea port of Le Havre.

If by truck, it takes about 10 hours to transport a container from Le Havre to Lyon, and

it takes 2 days to transport it back and forth. Logistics freight are high.

1.If goods from China's inland areas such as Wuhan, Chongqing, Changsha, etc. are shipped to the northwestern part of France via international sea freight, they need to pass through the basic port of the sea, the Le Havre, and then use the trailer to transport the goods. The transportation cost exceeds USD6000 USD for one container high cube.

The goods in these areas are transported by barge or logistics company to Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port and then transported to France by large ship, which takes more than 40 days. Comprehensive consideration of transit time and transportation cost factors. The export of goods to the northwestern cities of France from the China’s mainland through the international container railway freight is the best international logistics program. Its advantages are:

  • The transit time is short, saving 10~15 days. The average railway transit time from Wuhan to Lyon in France is 25 days, and the total time from Wuhan to the Lyon through international sea freight is 45 days. It is also necessary to be able to catch up with the big ship in Shanghai in time to arrive in 45 days. If it is not possible to catch the big ship, it may take more than 50 days.

  • 2.

    The freight rate is low. The train from Wuhan, China to Lyon, France is a direct train.

    The freight rate of a container high cube is about 6,500 US dollars. While the sea freight is transferred in Le Havre, France, and the cost of transportation by truck in the French inland is high. And the total cost is more than 8,000 US dollars. .

Of course, China's inland railway freight to France has no competitive advantage over the the coastal city to French port city. For example, Shenzhen to Le Havre, Amiens, Bordeaux, Bossançon, Brest and Dunkirk in France.

These cities have low transportation costs, and the transit time is similar to that of railway freight. They can transport containers in large quantities at one time, which is suitable for transportation of goods such as furniture, ceramic tiles and paper towels.

China-France container railway freight is one of China's “Belt and Road” and “China Railway Express” lines, although the market demand for this line is much less than other lines of China Railway Express, for the railway consolidation to France, the demand for some cosmetics and red wine to be shipped back to China from France can be well met. Some goods, which can be transported either by the international air freight or the international sea freight, can be transported by the international rail freight to make up for the shortcomings of both. After all, the transit time of international railway freight still has a relatively large advantage.

The container railway freight from China to France plays an important role in the delivery of goods from Shenzhen and Yiwu and Guangzhou to the FBA head of the Amazon warehouse in France. French FBA warehouses are mostly located in the inland areas of France. Small batches of goods, such as 1CBM cubic meters, can be packed into warehouses by international railway cargo consolidation. The freight is much cheaper than sea freight, the lines are mature and stable, and customs clearance is easy.

China to France railway line

The railway line from China to France starts from the Wuhan International Railway Center, and the destination railway station is the Lyon railway station in France.

China to France Railway Freight

The railway freight from China to France is divided into two types, one is the full container charging mode, and the other is the cargo consolidation charging mode.