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China to germany railway freight

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China to Germany Railway Freight

The rapid development of China container railway freight from China to Germany originated from Xi Jinping's "One Belt and One Road" and "China Railway Express". Since the first container railway freight train from Chongqing to Germany in 2013, more than 10 cities in China have provided container railway freight services to Germany in 2018, with an average of more than 10 trains per day.

China to German container railway freight accounts for more than 50% of the transportation of goods in the “China Railway Express”. The types of container include: standard containers 20GP 40GP 40 HQ, open top container, hanging closet container, refrigerated container and many other types.

Since the country has proposed the development of the Belt and Road . International railway freight is the main force connecting the "New Silk Road". German railway freight is developed. There is Hamburg station in the north of the German railway , and trains in Hamburg station connect its neighboring countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. In the south there is the Munich train station in Germany, connecting countries such as France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and other Western European countries.

Germany's logistics industry is developed, whether it is international railway freight, international sea freight, or truck freight. It can be said that the selection of the German railway station for the loading and unloading place of China to Germany railway freight is the best choice for China Railway Express to the European market. When the container railway reaches the German train station, the highly developed German truck freight can quickly load and unload cargo and transport it to neighboring countries

At the same time, the goods collected from the German railway station are transported back to China, such as German cars, Italian clothing, German beer, French wine, cosmetics, Swiss confectionery and so on. Thereby ensuring the traffic volume of the China Railway Express.

Departure Station and Terminal Station of China to Germany Railway Freight

Departure station

Departure stations of China to Germany FCL railway is: Hefei (Hexin Ou) / Yiwu West Station (Yixin Ou) / Xi'an City / Chengdu Chengxiang Station (Chengdu - Europe railway services) / Changsha North Station (Changsha - Europe railway shipping services) / Wuhan (Hanxin Ou) / Chongqing North Station (Yuxin Ou) / Suzhou (Suman Ou) / Zhengzhou (Zhengxin Ou) / Guangxi Qinzhou / Harbin (Harbin - Europe railway shipping services), a total of more than 10 trains are available for freight services to German, throughout the country: North China, Northeast, South China, Central and Eastern regions.

Destination station

Destination stations of China to the German container railway freight include: Hamburg / Duisburg / Nuremberg.

China to Germany Railway Freight Line

Up to now, for the opened railway lines from China to Germany of China Railway Express, all the trains choose to stop at the German train station.

Zhengzhou -Europe railway shipping services: On July 18, 2013, Zhengzhou -Europe railway shipping services (Zhengzhou - Hamburg, Germany) opened for the first time.

In 2014, Zhengzhou -Europe railway shipping services Company established a branch office in Germany, which is responsible for the establishment of the station layout and the collection network of Zhengzhou -Europe railway shipping services in Europe, and arranges the goods collected from Zhengzhou Railway Station and then dispatches it to other countries with the German Hamburg as the hub road collection network. The Zhengzhou to Hamburg train runs for about 12 days and does not include local work at these two cities.

Harbin - Europe railway shipping services: It is from Harbin Railway Station to Hamburg Railway Station and Duisburg Railway Station. It mainly transports goods from China's three eastern provinces to Europe. The imported products mainly include automobiles and auto parts.

Chengdu - Europe railway services: This line has the longest history of railway freight to Germany. It was the earliest line to provide Chinese to German railway freight. The railway transit time is about 16 days and the it is stable.

Wuhan - Europe railway shipping services: It takes 15 days from Wuhan to Hamburg, Germany, the main advantage of this line to Germany is that the freight is cheap.

Suzhou - manzhouli - Europe railway shipping services: The line is from the west of Jiangsu Province through Manchuria to Hamburg and Duisburg. The transit time is about 18~19 days, which is relatively long. This line was opened later than other lines to the German railway.

Changsha - Europe railway shipping services:

Xiamen - Poznan - Duisburg




China to Germany railway route map and China to Germany railway freight line and transit time

China to Germany railway freight of FCL and LCL

China to Germany Railway Freight Shifts

The highest number of trains from China to Germany was in Zhengzhou, and the Yuxin Banlie is the most stable one. Other lines to Germany are unstable , mainly due to the volume of goods. I believe that with the promotion of the China Railway Express, it will gradually develop.

The Service Offered by Us

The service of FCL railway from China to Germany is provided. According to the source of the goods, the nearest departure station is selected.

The service of LCL railway from China to Germany is provided. For railway LCL freight to Germany, Zhengzhou Railway Station is mainly as a starting point to provide services. And it also provides railway booking service

China to Germany railway freight

The freight rates for different types of Banlie and the different lines from China to Germany container railway freight are not the same. Railway freight basically only accepts 40-size standard container HQ, and 20GP container are only accepted by few lines. The following railway freight rates are different

China to Germany railway transit time

How long does it take for China to Germany by container railway freight? It takes 15 days from Zhengzhou to Hamburg , Yiwu to Germany Duisburg 16 days, Chengdu to Nuremberg 17 days, Chongqing to Duisburg,Germany 16 days by direct train. In general, it lasts about 15 to 17 days by China railway freight to German.

This is the time required between the train station in China and the train station in Germany. The import and export of container railway is the same as the container sea freight. They both have a deadline for customs declaration and departure time. That is to say, when the goods are loaded into the container, they have to go through the customs clearance and wait for the train to drive.

This period takes about 3 to 7 days. If the goods are in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and it need to be transported to Germany by train, you need to use domestic logistics in China to transport the goods to the train station in advance. It is estimated that it takes 2 to 3 days.

In general, it is 15 days faster from China to Germany by railway freight than by the container sea freight, but it is about 10 days slower than international air freight.