shipping from China to germany



Understanding how long it takes to get your container Shipping from China to Germany is integral to the planning small businesses undertake in getting their products to market. Knowing the window that your goods are going to arrives, allows you to make the necessary plans and decision for your goods.

China has always had a great business relationship with Germany, and there are many supply chain businesses in China whose success relies solely on fast and efficient cargo shipping from China to Germany. Hiring a good logistics partner like TS Freight, who can guarantee import from China to Germany the fastest possible way and at affordable rates can be a great asset to the business. Sea freight from China is perceived as a major hassle when importing products.

Sea freight or ocean freight is the primary shipping method for global export and import business. Low prices, large volume, FCL or LCL options, all these advantages make delivery by sea the first choice for most international trade. When it comes to shipping from China to Germany, Goodhope freight has been proud in the freight forwarding industry and is good at providing ocean cargo services for small and medium companies as well as individuals all over the world.

Shipping intercoms are international standard codes that decide when and where cargo shall be transferred between the supplier and the importer. However, you can book DAP (delivered at place), which includes shipping from the factory in China, to a specified address in Germany.

However, keep in mind that it can take few days, or sometimes up to a week before your cargo is loaded at the port of loading in China. The same administrative delay applies in the proof of destination, which in many cases can even be longer. In extreme cases, you may face delay as long as two or three weeks in the port of destination. When shipping to Germany, it is important to note that transit time is not all inclusive; they are only inclusive of the time your goods spend on the water. Before you look at the transit time between China and Germany, remember that there are processes at either end of the journey. Allow extra time in both countries for things like custom, loading and offloading, delivery to and from ports. We have to include both the time your goods spend on water and the total time from door to door when shipping from China to Germany.

How long shipping from China take by sea

Transportation by the sea freight is quite slow shipping from China, which means you need to do some significant planning and have generous margins for the possible delay. The process to export goods from China can take slightly longer than other countries so we should suggest adding an extra week to these transit times to be on safe side. If your supplier then takes a little longer to clear the goods through China customs, then you won’t be short of product in Germany. Besides, most of the manufacturer in China don’t stock any product, and the product is made to order. It takes 30 days to ship goods from China to Germany, so place your order as early as possible. If you need your goods ready for the Christmas season, we suggest you place your order in August or early September.

Different shipping companies have different transit time from Chinese ports to Germany ports. Such COSCO Europe sailing schedule COSCO shipping from Yiantian / Shekou / Hongkong have directly vessel to Hamburg port, take only 20~22 days general. From Shanghai port take more than 3 days, and from Chongqing port to Hamburg take over 35 days, it need shipping to Shanghai port thant load to the big boat and than shipping to Germany.