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China to germany railway rates for fcl lcl

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China to Germany Railway Freight of FCL and LCL

There is China to Germany Railway Freight of FCL and LCL of multimodal transport and the latest freight of China Railway Express in.2020.

It has the most railway lines between China and Germany of China-Europe International Railway multimodal transport of the Belt and Road and China Railway Express and the cheapest freight. The freight of a container railway freight is twice as much as that of international sea freight.

This is said to be 50% lower than the cost of international railway freight. The freight of railway freight from China to Germany can be kept at such a low level, thanks to the support and investment of the local government on the New Silk Road.

China to Germany railway freight of FCL and LCL of China Railway Express refers to the cost of standard container cargo freight, transportation of goods from China Yiwu / Ningbo / Shanghai / Changsha, Hunan /Wuhan, Hubei / Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Shantou and Foshan, Guangdong/ Chongqing / Chengdu / Xi'an, Shaanxi / Zhengzhou, Henan / through Russia / Belarus / Central Asian countries and Poland finally arrived in Hamburg train station.For China, this is called export railway freight to Germany. It is imported by train to China. The freight rates for railway import and export are different. This is the same as buying train tickets and airline tickets.

China to Germany Railway Freight-- FCL

The freight of China to German FCL railway freight is not the same as the freight provided by the other lines of China Railway Express along the Belt and Road. The most expensive is the cost of Shanghai to German railway freight, which is over 7,000 US dollars a standard container high cabinet, and the lowest is Chengdu to Germany and Xiamen to Germany railway freight, which is less than 4,000 US dollars, while Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Germany railway freights are relatively maintained in the middle, not high or low.

China to Germany Railway Freight-- FCL
Place of Departure Place of Destination Container Railway Freight (US$)
Shenzhen Duisburg 40'HQ 5400
Shenzhen Burger 40'HQ 5400
Guangzhou Duisburg 40'HQ 5400
Guangzhou Burger 40'HQ 5400
Foshan Duisburg 40'HQ 5400
Foshan Burger 40'HQ 5400
Dongguan Duisburg 40'HQ 5400
Dongguan Burger 40'HQ 5400
Changsha Duisburg 40'HQ 5200
Changsha Burger 40'HQ 5200
Changsha Duisburg 40'HQ 5000
Changsha Burger 40'HQ 5000
Chongqing Duisburg 40'HQ 5300
Chongqing Burger 40'HQ 5500
Xi'an Duisburg 40'HQ 4000
Xi'an Burger 40'HQ 4000
Chengdu Nuremberg 40'HQ 4600
Zhengzhou Burger 40'HQ 6450
Zhengzhou Munich 40'HQ 6450
Wuhan Duisburg 40'HQ 5700
Wuhan Burger 40'HQ 5700
Wuhan Munich 40'HQ 6600
Wuhan Duisburg 40'HQ 4900
Wuhan Burger 40'HQ 4900
Shanghai Duisburg 40'HQ 7600
Shanghai Burger 40'HQ 7800
Yiwu Duisburg 40'HQ 5800
Harbin Duisburg 40'HQ 4750
Harbin Burger 40'HQ 4750
Xiamen Burger 40'HQ 950
Xiamen Duisburg 40'HQ 950

The freight list for FCL from China to Germany is the latest freight in 2020, which is applicable before August. Shipping costs are usually updated once a month. The above-mentioned railway freight from China to Germany are only applicable to export freight, and are not applicable to freight from Germany to China.

China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP) China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP)

The following China to Germany railway freight list is the freight for LCL service. It only supports the service from the train station to another train station, excluding the local fees on both sides.

Chinese export enterprises provide complete export declaration materials for customs declaration and tax refund, and additional customs declaration fees are required. The German consignee needs to ask the local customs clearance company or international freight forwarder for import customs clearance and tax payment. If the consignee is the company, the company must provide the EU's EORI number. If it is an individual, the VAT number is required.

China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP)
Departure Station/Destination Station Hamburg/Munich Duisburg
Charge of Starting Station 30USD/CBM
Outbound Freight(USD/CBM) 150 170
Return Freight(USD/CBM) 120 140
Charge of Destination Station  
Fixed Freight Per Order Less than or equal to 0.5 cubic meters:50USD/SET
More than 0.5 cubic meters and no more than 3 cubic meters:100USD/SET
More than 3 cubic meters:150USD/SET

various railway stations in Germany. If the customer needs to transfer from Germany to other EU countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, Greece) , Portugal, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria). Detailed transfer costs, transfer customs clearance fees need to be confirmed with the Goodhopee Freight, International Railway Freight Forwarder.

Provide DDU door-to-door tax-excluding international railway LCLmultimodal transport services to Germany and other European countries.

China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP) China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP) China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DD China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP)

In addition to the traditional standard container FCLand LCL charging mode of China to Germany railway freight, we also provide door-to-door DDP one-stop international railway freight for individual shop buyers or Amazon seller customers who need tax-including service.

This service provides a strong guarantee for you to develop the German market. You only need to pay one fee, we can deliver the goods to your designated address or home, save money and worry!

China to Germany Railway Freight -- LCL(DDP)
Partition/(countries) Weight/KG Weight/KG Weight/KG Weight/KG Weight/KG Weight/KG Weight/KG Aging Reference
15KG+ 100KG+ 200KG+ 500KG+ 1000KG+ 3001KG+ 5000KG+
Amazon Warehouse / (Tripartite Warehouse + 1 / KG) Germany 18.5 15 14.5 14.5 14.5 14.5 14.5 22-25 days after departure (excluding customs inspection)

The above is the freight of the door-to-door service of the goods transported from the Goodhopee Freight, international railway freight experts, Shenzhen Container Warehouse to Germany through the train.