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Freight list of EMS express delivery from China to Germany

Freight list of EMS express delivery from China to Germany

Warm prompt: During the peak season from November 1 to December 31, it is required to strictly implement the international express mail specification restrictions: for packages exceeding 60cm in any one dimension, the volumetric weight will be measured by length * width * height (CM) / 6000, taking the maximum as the chargeable weight, and no packaging fee.

Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg Settlement discount
    First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg  
12 Germany 100 25 56 54 52 full-discount

As to the regulations of EMS parcel delivery, please refer to the "Notes for EMS International Express Delivery ", and "Guangzhou EMS Weight Limit and Package Size provisions".

By EMS, one can deliver packages from home to various cities in Germany, such as Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and so on. Besides, EMS express delivery is the preferred transport logistics choice to send clothes, personal luggage, items purchased on Taobao, food, cosmetics, tea and other items.

The EMS express freight from China to Germany is the discount price of domestic and international logistics companies, using "China International Express" service. The price is only about forty-five percent of the official published price of China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited, that is, fifty-five percent off.

The freight of EMS express from China to Germany is cheaper than that of SF Express, but still higher than that of DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT. Although EMS express freight is relatively expensive, it also owns some advantages: more kinds of products that can be sent, strong customs clearance ability, low customs inspection rate, stable channels and prices (its price remains the same for a year). For EMS express, it takes about 10 working days, that is, about two weeks to Germany by air, not to Germany by sea and then sent to the destination by deutsche post.