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China to France Railway may

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Route Map of China to France Railway

Departure point of China to France railway line , the passing train station and the final station, the route introduction and road map of one of the China Railway Express.

The China to French railway line of China Railway Express is specifically named Wuhan - Europe railway shipping services, which is from Wuhan to Lyon, France. It is scheduled to depart from Wuhan, China, every Friday, and the deadline for customs clearance is Wednesday. The railway line from China to France is: Wuhan -- Alashankou -- Dostyk & Brest -- Lyon

Route Map of China to France Railway

The port where the Chinese train leaves the country is Alashankou. In Dostyk, Russia, it is replaced by Russian railway. After the train arrives in Brest, it is replaced by the European standard railway and the train finally arrives in Lyon, France. The whole journey takes more than 25 days and the total distance is over 13,000 kilometers. Compared with China to Germany railway freight and China to Poland railway freight of China Railway Express , the distance between China and France is much longer.

Mainly because there are many stops on the way. It takes a long time to stay and change the track. At the same time, there are many countries, each country needs to declare the import, and the export also needs customs declaration, so the total train transit time will be delayed.

The China Railway Express train route from China to France is like a long highway on the viaduct. It is directly from the inland area of China to Europe. It is magnificent! It means that the rapid development of China's "New Silk Road" will surely drive the prosperity of all the economies on this route.

The great road to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is already on the road! The wisdom of the party is enormous!

Whenever looking at the international railway lines from China to France in the route map of China Railway Express, there are so many node points, The logistics work in the early stage of the country is very large. It takes a lot of people's efforts to get through this route to make this railway operate and run smoothly and today.