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China to France Railway FCL and lcl

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China to France Railway Freight - Full Container and LCL

The railway freight from China to France is divided into two types: the charging mode of full container and LCL. There is about the receiving warehouse address, the starting point of the train station, the expiration date of the freight and the terms of the railway freight.

China to France Railway Freight - Full Container

The Cost of Full Container of China to France Railway Freight

The Cost of Full Container of China to France Railway Freight
Place of departure Country of Destination Terminal Station Container Type Railway Freight(USD)
Wuhan France Lyon 40'HQ US$6,800.00
Yiwu France Lyon 40'HQ US$7,800.00
Shanghai France Lyon 40'HQ US$7,600.00
Shenzhen  France Lyon 40'HQ US$8,100.00
Guangzhou France Lyon 40'HQ US$8,000.00
Dongguan France Lyon 40'HQ US$8,050.00
Chongqing France Lyon 40'HQ US$7,600.00
Chengdu France Lyon 40'HQ US$8,600.00

The above-mentioned freight for Chinese to France railways are valid from June 1, 2020 to July 15, 2020. Please refer to this form at this time.

The freight of China to France container railways is settled in US dollars, domestic payments is accepted in RMB, but not francs.

The railway freights for the places of departure of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Yiwu include domestic pick-up fees for pick-up from the factory, and miscellaneous fees for the Railway Station. Customers only need to pay a customs declaration fee of 150 RMB and a document fee of RMB 500, with no additional fees.

The container railway freight term is “TO CY”, which means that the goods is only transported to the customs supervision warehouse in Lyon, France at this price. The consignee needs to ask the international freight forwarder to handle the import customs clearance and pay the local train station miscellaneous expenses, customs duties, and the cost of customs inspection, etc.

China to France Railway Freight - Cargo Consolidation

The Cost of LCL of China to France Railway Freight
Country Two-Letter Code 101-300KG 301-500KG 501-1000KG 1001KG+
France FR 16.5 16 15.5 15.5

For the cost of LCL of China to France railway freight, the service provider is the Goodhopee Freight. As the only international freight forwarder in the China Railway Express in the market, it can provide railway consolidation to France. Since 2016, our company has launched the railway consolidation service from Shenzhen LCL warehouse to throughout France. So far, we have been well known by our peers in the China Railway Express circle of the International Railway.

is from the Goodhopee Freight Shenzhen French LCL warehouse is where to start calculating freights of the China to French LCL railway . The goods in other cities in China need to be sent to our warehouse through international logistics. We will export the customs declaration and then unpack it in Europe and then send goods to all cities in France such as: Amazon FBA warehouse, Strasbourg, Lyon, Amiens, Bordeaux, Bosson, Brest, Dunkirk, Le Mans, Lille, Poitiers, Rennes , Rouen, Limoges, Metz, Lance, Mulhouse, Nantes, Nancy, Orleans, Paris.

We offer two types of service: tax-including customs clearance service and tax-excluding customs clearance service. If the consignee is a French local individual or a restaurant or a small shop buyer, who chooses tax-including customs clearance service of Chinese to French LCL railway is more suitable. ; If it is a regular buyer or an Amazonian seller, it is recommended to use your EU's EORI number for customs clearance and tax payment.

Shipping costs are settled in RMB and the minimum starting weight is 100KG. Temporarily, below 100KG is not accepted.

When the goods arrive in Europe, we use the EU UPS truck or send the goods to France express delivery.