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China to Kyrgyzstan railway

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China-Kyrgyzstan Railway Freight - Container multimodal

For China to Kyrgyzstan railway freight, it mainly uses standard 40-size HQ through international multimodal railway freight to Alamein Railway Station. This is about the freight, route and booking freight forwarder.

Kyrgyzstan is located in the northwestern part of Xinjiang, China. It is located in the center of Eurasia. It is not only the link between Eurasia and the Middle East, but also a must-have place in the history for neighboring countries to go eastward to westward and south to north.

With a total land area of 19.99 million square kilometers, it is one of the five Central Asian countries and a landlocked country in the northeastern part of Central Asia. Southeast and East are connected to China. It is connected to Kazakhstan in the north, Uzbekistan in the west, and Tajikistan in the south.

The total population is about 6 million. The main cities are Chuhe, Taras, Osh, Jalalabad, Naryn, Issyk, Batken and Bishkek . The Kyrgyzstan has more than 500 kilometers of railway routes. The railway network of the north is not connected to the south. It is divided into two parts. The standard of rail width is based on the Russian standard. The proposal for its railway line was also proposed by the Soviet Union.

The railway traffic in Kyrgyzstan is underdeveloped. It is bounded by Barekke on the west bank of Lake Issyk in the east, connected to the Kazakhstan railway network via the Jiha border, and directly to Russia. The southern railway is 101.2 kilometers long and connected to Xinjiang, China. Kyrgyzstan is the country with the most trains passing through on the New Silk Road. The Central Asian International Railways plays an important role in multimodal railway freight!

China is Kyrgyzstan one of the largest trading countries only second to Russia. The cargo transportation relies on railway with the lowest cost and most stable international freight. In addition to railway freight, there are international motor freight/international air freight to Kyrgyzstan.

Lines of China-Kyrgyzstan Railway Freight

The railway freight line from China to Kyrgyzstan is: Guangzhou-Chengdu-Alashankou-Alameijin. This line mainly provides international railway multimodal freight services based on the needs of specific markets. Goods, from other cities needed to be transported by railway to Kyrgyzstan, Only can be transported here and then transported out.

Freight of China-Kyrgyzstan Railway Freight

The freight rate for a standard container HQ from China to Kyrgyzstan is 7,000 US dollars. The cost is much higher than that of China to Russia, China to Europe, and China to the five Central Asia countries which greatly increased the cost of trade between the two countries.

The railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan is the price provided by the international freight forwarder,which operates on this route and puts it on the social market. It is not the freight announced by the state.