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China to Kyrgyzstan container rates

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China-Kyrgyzstan Railway Freight

There is about China to Kyrgyzstan railway freight of FCL 40-size HQ, and the reason for the high price between the train station and the other train station.

China-Kyrgyzstan Railway Freight List

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The railway freight list from China to Kyrgyzstan is provided by the Goodhopee Freight for railway freight for one of the lines of five Central Asian Countries. The railway freight list from China to Kyrgyzstan can only be used as a reference price. It is valid until the time of July 30, 2018 and the freight is changed once a month.

The railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan does not include the station cost of the departure station in China, the operation and documentation fee of the freight forwarder, and the customs declaration fee; nor does it include the local cost of the destination railway station in Alamequin. Please contact the Goodhopee Freight forwarder for detailed costs.

The freight of container multimodal railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan is the freight under FOB China's terms of trade. It does not include the tariffs and customs declaration fees for import and export between the two countries; the additional charges generated by the warehouse. The price is valid until July 2018.

The railway freight is based on US dollars as the settlement unit and supports RMB payment. The exchange rate needs to be confirmed with the railway company.

Why is the railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan high?

Why is the railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan higher than that of other countries? The main reasons can be classified as follows:

The cost of container multimodal railway freight from China to Kyrgyzstan is high, because only one railway line provides international cargo services to Kyrgyzstan, and China Land has to transport goods from different places to the only railway station in Chengdu. Domestic transportation costs are very high

  • 1.Kyrgyzstan has a small population, which is equivalent to less than one quarter of Shenzhen's population. The trade of goods between the two countries is not enough to support a large number of container railway freight costs, and it has virtually increased the cost of international railway multimodal freight companies.
  • 2. The government subsidy policy is not enough. Everyone knows that the railway infrastructure investment is very large, and the construction of the railway leaves the support and investment of the local government is impossible. The relationship between the two governments also affects the investment in infrastructure. The government will also judge whether it needs to invest so much according to the needs of the market.
  • 3. The degree of market competition is small. Only one such line in the logistics market from China to Kyrgyzstan can provide such services. There is no other external competition.The freight of railway every month is sent by the company to the market, which also affects the freight rate of railway freight to some extent.
  • 4. The railway operation cost is high. The total number of containers filled with a train is 50 40-size HQ. However, due to the small amount of cargo,it is often only possible to load about a dozen containers when driving, which result in the cost of a single container is high.The cost of transportation puts some pressure on customers.