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China to belarus Railway

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China to Belarus International Railway Freight - Line, Time, Freight,

What are the lines from China to Belarus for international container railway freight, what is the price of trains freight, how long will it take, and what is multimodal freight booking forwarder.

China to Belarus International Rail Freight - Line, Time, Freight, Pickup City. The international railway freight from China to Belarus connects the important economic ties between China and Belarus, and promotes the development of the two economies of these two countries. Railway freight occupies more than 90% of the freight volume, and the other 10% is transported to Belarus by international air freight to Minsk International Airport and also by international multimodal freight by motorway.

The cost of transportation of goods through international air freight to Belarus is high, while the transportation of goods through international steam to Belarus is not safe and stable, the freight volume is small and there are still many other unfavorable factors. Only through international railway freight can the goods be transported from China to Belarus in large quantities and at low cost. International railway freight provides strong support for the international trade of the two countries.

Belarus is located in Central Asia and is very far away from the maritime port. If you want to transport the goods to Belarus via international sea freight, you need to first go to Russia through international lines, then from Russia's ports and to Belarus by railway. The The road to get there is very far away and the transportation cost is high.

Belarus is rich in natural resources and is also rich in all kinds of ore. Of course, the most important thing is that it is rich in oil. It is the most important economic pillar industry in the region, and the agriculture and animal husbandry are developed. However, daily necessities such as textiles (clothing and bags), mobile phone industry, home appliances, furniture, ceramics and other industries basically need to rely on purchasing and importing from China.

Since the Chinese products have been recognized by the Belarusians, in the past ten years, many Belarusian Chinese or English-speaking trading companies or intermediaries have made various purchases of goods in China and then, through trains, planes and trucks, transport to Belarus and sell it to earn the difference in the middle.

Everyone knows that international trade is inseparable from the use of their own international freight forwarders. Belarusians generally only know Russian. They are not good at communicating or understanding English or Chinese. Therefore, they hope to cooperate with Russian-speaking international freight forwarders. People cooperate to help them provide warehouse consolidation, export declaration, international freight and so on.

China to Belarus Railway Line

What are the railway lines from China to Belarus, and which cities have container railway freight services available to them? The average freight volume from China to Belarus is at the level of 500 ~~ 800 40 HQ for one week. Compared with the freight volume to other countries, it is only necessary to open one or two railway service lines to Belarus. And which can meet such logistics needs.

So far, the cities can provide the international railway freight to Belarus are as follows:

  • Shenzhen -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk
  • Guangzhou -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk
  • Foshan -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk
  • Dongguan -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk
  • Changsha -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk
  • Yiwu -- Manzhouli -- Hou Baikal -- Minsk

The companies that provide international railway container transportation services include: China Railway Express, Russian Railways, and Harbin Railway Transportation Co., Ltd. (Kazakhstan).

The train transit time from these places to Minsk, Belarus, is about 15~18 days. The transportation mode of goods are replaced by Russian railroad tracks in the back Baikal (Russia). It takes 1~2 working days to change rails.

Most of the freight volume of China-Belarus railway lines comes from the Pearl River Delta and Yiwu in the Yangtze River Delta. It is obvious that most of these areas provide export trade of daily necessities.

China to Belarus Railway Booking

The use of China-Belarus international railway container transportation services requires the handling of railway container booking, loading, export declaration, consignee, consignor and railway bill of lading.

Among them, the general railway operation platform of booking service does not accept scattered customers to book, and the export to Belarusian railways requires the passage of international freight forwarder. Goodhopee Freight acts as a freight forwarder for China-Belarus Railway and can provide professional railway containers transportation services for small and medium-sized customers.

International railway freight is different from international sea freight and international air freight. International railway freight belongs to international multimodal logistics services, and its export lines and various links are much more complicated than international sea freight .

You must have a professional and experienced international freight forwarder to successfully complete the task. For companies that do not have container railway freight, they can easily delay the departure time and generate unnecessary expenses, such as the fee of changing the order.

China to Belarus Railway Freight List

China to Belarus Railway Freight List , Railway Freight Costs. The cost of a container is directly related to the importer's trade costs and competitiveness. Railway freight are mainly determined by the guidance price provided by the International Railways Corporation each month, and then the railway international freight forwarder provides the final price to the exporter or importer based on such guidance prices and market demand for goods.

The contents of the China-Belarus Railway Freight List apply only to railway freight from China to Belarus. China-Belarus International Railway Freight, one of the trains in China Railway Express, has added a line to Minsk, which was officially opened to traffic on June 9, 2018 for the Huaihua-Minsk railway line. There was another road of choice for the goods came from Hunan to Russia and Belarus.