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The Newly Opened Huaihua to Minsk route of China Railway Express

The latest open route, the Huaihua of Hunan to Minsk, Belarus, was officially launched on June 29, 2018. Since then, an additional international multimodal container freight route connecting China and Europe has been established.

The operation company of Huaihua to Minsk of China Railway Express is: Hunan-Europe Express and Hunan local government started to build an international logistics platform in Huaihua Railway Port in 2012. The address is located at No. 8 Yanhe South Road, Hecheng District, Huaihua City. One of the important measures for Huaihua to integrate into the national “Belt and Road” proposal is also an important infrastructure to support the acceleration of Hunan's opening up and foreign trade development. This will open up great projects leading to the overseas channels. This move will also surely ignite the prosperity of the history of Hunan's reform and opening up!

The road map of Huaihua to Minsk in China Railway Express is: Huaihua Railway Port - Manzhouli - Minsk.

Huaihua to Minsk route of China Railway Express is about 12,000 kilometers long and the transit time is about 15 days, including the time of the rail change in Manzhouli.

The total number of containers in the train from Huaihua to Minsk of China Railway Express is 41 40-foot high standard containers, all of which are dry goods and ordinary goods, without chilled freezer and other special cabinets.

The China Railway Express schedule from Huaihua to Minsk is tentatively scheduled to be opened in 10 days. After three months of operation, it will realiz the purpose of one train per week, each carrying 50 standard container high cabinets and 100 TUE cargo carrying capacity. It finally achieves a balanced round-trip transportation, and the train schedule runs normally for a fixed period of time.

The opening of the Huaihua to Minsk route between China and Europe is also the second city in Hunan Province to open the route of China Railway Express. Since then, the “Changsha - Belarus railway shipping services” has one more member, and Hunan’s foreign trade development has provided a broader space. The economic boom in Hunan is coming soon. I believe that the red revolution base in Chairman Mao’s hometown will be a miracle of entrepreneurship!

The main products transported through the new route from Huaihua to Minsk of China Railway Express are the clothes, shoes and hats, LED lamps, mobile phone accessories, agricultural products, electronic products, furniture and home appliances from Hunan and its surrounding provinces, such as, Fujian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangxi and Guizhou. Wait for exports to Belarus and Russia.These goods are exported to Belarus and Russia.

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