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China to Finland Railway route

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China-Finland Railway Freight route- The Station Passe

There is China to Finnish, Europe container railway freight route map and route introduction including the train station, transfer station, the total time spent running the whole process, the departure train station and the terminal railway station, Kouvola.

The freight lines from China to the Netherlands are: (Yiwu/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Huizhou/Dongguan/Shanghai/Zhongshan) Xi'an Railway Station -- Alashankou -- Dostyk -- Finland.

The train station from China to Finland is the international container railway station in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. It is also the main starting point for the “China Railway Express” in central China. To transport goods, you need the service of this railway freight line.

You need to transport the goods from the domestic logistics company to the customs supervision warehouse of these railway stations, and carry out unified export declaration. After the customs declaration is completed, the delivery can be arranged. Containers to the port of Alashan, the border between China and Russia, do not need to re-declare, and only need to submit a transfer order for a simple transfer operation.

The container of the European-Finnish railway freight routepasses through Russia/Poland and other countries. It does not need to carry out import and export declaration and customs clearance of these countries. Because the container number and seal number are locked after the customs declaration in Xi'an, China.

The corresponding seal number is displayed on the railway bill of lading. And it can only be cut off at the destination Finland, indicating that the goods have not been opened halfway.

China to Finland Railway Freight Route Map

The map of China-Finland railway freight of China Railway Express clearly identifies all the port of departure and destination. The total length of the railway freight is more than 9110 kilometers, which is equivalent to a high-speed driving speed of 100 kilometers per hour for 100 hours, about 4 days.

The China-Finland railway freight route map has an indication of the trajectory of the train. Through this railway map, the driver can clearly understand how he will follow the route from China, Asia to Finland, Europe.