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China to Finland Railway rates

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China-Finland Railway rates List

China-Finland Railway rates List includes full container site-to-site freight and railway consolidation rates List, expiration date, matters needing attention, Dutch railway booking agency, and logistics company.The cost of China-Finland Railway Freight, one of the lines of China Railway Express, is relatively higher than that of other lines of China Railway Express.

China-Finland international container railway freight refers to the cost of exporting goods from China to the Finnish train station or other cities. Rail freight from Finland to China, through international railroads, needs to be confirmed with our company. Freight varies according to different goods and trade terms

China to Finland Railway Full Container rates List

China to Finland Railway Full Container rates List indicates that the departure train station is Xi'an, and the terminal train station is Kouvola. The freight in China to Finland Railway Full Container rates List only applies to the freight between the two train stations for the container yard to another container yard (CY TO CY), excluding the station costs incurred in the two train stations, and the additional fees such as documents fees, customs fees, customs clearance fees, etc.

The freight settlement method in China to Finland Railway Full Container rates List is US$. If the customer pays from the bank pf Netherlands to the bank account of our company in China, which needs US$ as the settlement unit. If the company that pays the rail transport is a domestic delivery company, RMB can be accepted and a VAT ordinary invoice is issued.

China to Finland railway container freight only accepts 40-size high cubes, and does not provide services for small containers of 20-size standard containers. The railway rates List is valid until July 30, 2018.

China to Finland Railway LCL rates List

The freight of LCL for China-Finland railways temporarily can only provide door-to-door service , and there is no service from train station to train station. If the freight of the LCL from China to Finland is required, the consignor needs to provide a detailed packing list and delivery address. We can provide DDU without tax service. The transit time of LCL is different from the transit time of the railway full container, and the total time is about 25 days.

City of receipt providing China to Finland Railroad LCL freight service can include all cities in China: Beijing / Shanghai / Yiwu / Chongqing / Guangzhou / Foshan / Sanshui / Huizhou / Heyuan / Shenzhen / Zhuhai / Hainan / Xi'an / Zhengzhou / Ningbo and so on.

Delivery cities in Finland include Helsinki / Hamina / Hanko / Kotka / Kotka / Havenka / Hämeenlinna / Porvo / Lahti / Nasto / Turku / Tampere / Vaasa / Kokkola / Oulu / Espoo / Van Tower / Pori / Rauma / Kuopio / Kouvola / Kemi / Mantilu Otto / Liepaja / Jyvex Lai.