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container shipping cost from China to Europe by train 2022

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2022 Railway Freight from China To Europe

2022 Railway Freight from China To Europe

Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Changsha, Nanchang, Yiwu, Suzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing / Dongguan railway from/to Europe/Russia/Southeast Asia rail operator.

rail freight price from China to Europe

rail freight price from China to Europe
POD POL:Shanghai Ningbo Qingdao Tianjin Xiamen Shenzhen TT container delivery
Netherlands US$9,500 US$9,500 US$9,500 US$9,700 / US$9,000 about 20days Tilburg/Rotterdam
Belgium US$10,600 US$10,600 US$10,300 US$10,400 US$11,600 US$11,600 about 18days Liege
Milan US$11,200 US$11,300 US$11,100 US$11,050 US$11,300 US$11,200 about 24days Milan
Budapest US$11,150 US$11,200 US$11,100 US$11,050 US$11,500 US$11,400 about 20days Budapest
Spain US$11,600 US$11,600 US$12,000 US$12,100 US$11,700 US$11,500 about 22days Madrid/Valenciana/Barcelona
Cesko US$10,300 US$10,300 US$10,200 US$10,400 US$10,900 US$10,500 about 18days Prague/Brno
Małaszewicze US$8,900 US$9,100 US$8,800 US$8,700 US$9,400 US$9,300 about 12days Małaszewicze
Hamburg US$10,700 US$10,700 US$10,400 US$10,400 US$10,900 US$10,900 about 18days Hamburg

1*40 HQ containe cost USD9500 from Shanghai to the railway station of Tilburg/Rotterdam Netherlands;
40 FT container shipping cost by railway from Ningbo to the city Liege Belgium cost USD10600;
the shipping cost for one 40 HC container from Tianjin to Milan cost USD11100, take how long time: approximate 23days;

rail freight from China to Budapest 1*40HQ cost USD11500, after depart take 20 days arrive the station of Czech;

rail freight from Chian to Spain 1*40HQ cost usd12000, the destination are :Madrid/Valenciana/Barcelona city;

and how much 1* 40 HQ container shipping from China to Cesko by train? the newest price use before 30TH June is usd10300, Door to train station warehouse services, take approximate 18 days, via Alashan;

how much shipping for one container from China to Germany? by sea or by "China Railway Express"? now there show the price per 40 HQ container from Zhenzhou to Hamburg include rent the container fee total cost USD10700. it is faster than by sea, only need 15 days, and you donot wait long time at the seaport, by train daily!2022-06-23

where and which freight forwarder can help Rail freight from China to Europe tracking? As i know Goodhope Freight is very nice and professional handle full container (FCL) and less than container shipping services(LCL) by train from China to Europe.