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The Discount Price of EMS International Express from China to Gabon

The Discount Price of EMS International Express from China to Gabon
Price List of Guangzhou EMS International Express (published price) - Gabon
Tips: during the peak season from November 1 to December 31, it is required to strictly implement the international express specification restrictions: for packages with single side over 60cm, the volume weight shall be measured according to the length * width * height (CM) / 6000, and the large one shall be taken as the billing weight, and the fee for bulky goods shall not be charged.
Area Country Goods Discount price of EMS Note
Strating weight 0.5KG Continued weight 0.5KG
VIII Gabon 445 120 48.35% off 30 kg

Please refer to "Notice for EMS International Express "and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

The Discount Price of EMS nternational Express from China to Gabon is mainly about the current price of EMS for per kilogram of goods in 2020. The current EMS China Post offers a very low discount, 48.35% off, from China to Gabon. According to the official EMS standard charge, the postage for 0.5kg of goods, starting weight,after the deduction of discount, is RMB 229.8 and RMB 61.98 for each additional 0.5kg of goods.

The total postage for sending 5.5kg winter clothing from Shandong, China by EMS international express to Gabon is:

229.8 + 61.98 * 10 = RMB 849.6. Compared with the local consumption level of Gabon, the postage is a little high, but there is no other way. Gabon's domestic logistics is underdeveloped, not to mention international logistics. The worse the infrastructure is, the higher the freight will be. The higher the cost, the more unfavorable it will be for the development of international trade.

It can be said that the price of EMS from China to Gabon after preferential discount is the lowest in the international logistics market. Although the overall logistics cost is very high, there is no other lower price and better choice in the market.

There is no international shipping service from China to Gabon, and only a few airlines provide the service. There is no direct flight from Beijing to Gabon, and it needs to transfer at several international airports to Gabon. It is not easy to transport goods from China to Gabon.

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