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Price List of EMS from China to Ivory Coast

Price List of EMS from China to Ivory Coast

Price List of Guangzhou EMS International Express (published price) - Ivory Coast

Tips: during the peak season from November 1 to December 31, it is required to strictly implement the international express specification restrictions: for packages with single side over 60 cm, the volume weight shall be measured according to the length * width * height (CM) / 6000, and the large one shall be taken as the billing weight, and the fee for bulky goods shall not be charged.




Discount price of EMS


Starting weight 0.5KG

Continued weight 0.5KG


Ivory Coast



49.15% off

30 kg

Please refer to “Notice for EMS International Express” and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

In 2020, China Post issued the official standard charge for per kilogram of goods of EMS international express from China to Ivory Coast. The current prices on the above list are consistent with the official post website.

The standard charge of EMS express to Ivory Coast is very expensive, so we provide the customers with the discount price offered by Guangzhou EMS first-class agent, the lowest discount is 49.05% off of the standard charge.

After discount, the price of the starting weight 0.5kg of EMS express to Ivory Coast is RMB 226.72, and RMB 61.1 will be added for each additional 0.5kg.

For sending 12 kg skirt from Guangzhou, China to Abidjan, Bouake, Yamoussoukro (capital), Daloa and Khogo, according to the discount price and calculation formula, it is concluded that 226.72 + 61.1 * 23 = RMB 1632.02. It's about 228 U.S. dollars.

From China to Africa, whether EMS international express or DHL international express, the price for per kilogram of goods is very expensive. The main reason is that Africa has a wide area, its public security is not very good, and the volume of goods is not very large. Considering all these factors, the cost of international air transport to Africa is also very high. It is understandable that the price of EMS express to Ivory Coast is high.

For sending goods by International Logistics to Ivory Coast, there are not many international logistics transportation modes to choose from except EMS international express. If you do international trade business, international air transport and container international shipping is recommended and the logistics cost will be very low.

EMS express has many advantages over DHL international express in terms of price. EMS has no surcharge for remote area. No matter what remote village you are in, EMS can send the goods to you.

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