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Price List of EMS from China to Kenya

Price List of EMS from China to Kenya

Price List of Guangzhou EMS International Express (published price) - Kenya

Tips: during the peak season from November 1 to December 31, it is required to strictly implement the international express specification restrictions: for packages with single side over 60cm, the volume weight shall be measured according to the length * width * height (CM) / 6000, and the large one shall be taken as the billing weight, and the fee for bulky goods shall not be charged.




Discount price of EMS


Starting weight 0.5KG

Continued weight 0.5KG





48.07% off

30 kg

Please refer to “Notice for EMS International Express” and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

The discount price of EMS to Kenya of 48.07% off, which is offered by Guangzhou EMS first-class agent, professional agent of EMS international express business. As for China's express delivery to Kenya, how much does it cost to send goods by EMS to Kenya? You can get the official EMS price to calculate the final freight.

How much does it cost for sending parcel from Beijing to Kenya? Referring to the discount price of EMS international express to Kenya, the price for starting weight of 0.5 kg is RMB 231, and the price for continued weight of 0.5 kg is RMB 62.316. It's easy to weigh your package at home and figure out how much it costs.

There are many transporting modes for sending goods from China to Kenya, both for individuals and companies. Individuals always do not know professional international logistics knowledge and customs declaration requirements. It is suggested to choose such services as EMS international express, which can complete customs clearance on both sides. If the company knows how to prepare export customs declaration materials and import customs clearance materials, it is recommended to choose regular international logistics, This can help save freight.

The transporting mode of sending goods to Kenya by small package service of China Post is different from EMS international express. Surface mail to Kenya can only applicable to cross-border e-commerce, and the weight of a single package of goods is less than 2 kg, such as mobile phone shell and underwear. However, EMS is both suitable for small and large packages, personal luggage, goods sent by individuals to relatives and friends, and books sent by overseas students

Is it profitable to ship goods to Kenya? I believe the answer is yes, because the international logistics business between China and Kenya is growing day by day, and the volume is also getting larger every year. If we can’t make money, we will not do business with them. EMS is not recommended to send goods to Kenya. Of course, it is OK to send some samples by container international shipping and 40 size container can hold 76 cubic meters of goods. The shipping cost from Qingdao port to Mombasa port in Kenya is only RMB 10000.

How many days does it take for EMS to clear customs in Kenya? It usually takes only one day. Of course, it is difficult to tell how long it will take for your package to be inspected by the customs. How long it takes to clear the customs has nothing to do with how much money you pay for express to Kenya, and it's the same service. The services are all offered by China Post.

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