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Price List of EMS from China to Kuwait

Price List of EMS from China to Kuwait

Price List of Guangzhou EMS International Express (published price) - Kuwait

Tips: during the peak season from November 1 to December 31, it is required to strictly implement the international express specification restrictions: for packages with single side over 60 cm, the volume weight shall be measured according to the length * width * height (CM) / 6000, and the large one shall be taken as the billing weight, and the fee for bulky goods shall not be charged.




Discount price of EMS


Starting weight 0.5KG

Continued weight 0.5KG





49.915% off

30 kg

Please refer to “Notice for EMS International Express” and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

The current discount price of China Post EMS from China to Kuwait in 2020 is 49.915% off. According to the price and discount price announced by EMS international express to Kuwait, the charge for each kilogram of goods after discount is 226.28 yuan for the starting weight of 0.5 kg, and 61.02 yuan for 0.5 kg of continued weight.

No matter which city you are in, (Beijing, Harbin, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi'an, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, etc.) the goods can be transported to any place in Kuwait without any problem, and there will be no extra freight charges. EMS price is such an all inclusive price,and transparent charging standards let people understand every details, and there is no need to worry about any hidden charges. This is why so many people choose EMS international express.

No matter how far it is from China to Kuwait, the price of EMS to Kuwait is for door-to-door service. It will safely take your package from China to Kuwait.

How long does it take for sending goods by EMS from China to Kuwait? Based on our experience of sending more than 500 packages to Kuwait every day, more than 80% of the packages will be delivered within 10 working days; 10% of the packages will be delivered in 15 working days; the remaining 10% will be delivered in more than 20 days.

Sending goods by EMS to Kuwait is by international air transport. It is from China's major international cargo airports to Kuwait airport, not by international shipping.

To check the International express charges from China to Kuwait , you no longer need to take a lot of effort by collecting this website or Google again, you can find this website, and calculate the most favorable price. Of course, in order to enjoy such a low price of EMS express delivery to Kuwait, you need to send the packagesto the international container warehouse of our first-class agent of EMS in Guangzhou, China .

Through EMS first-class agent company, it is not necessary any more to go to the post office yourself to send things to Kuwait. You don't need to open an EMS account alone, and pay the deposit. You can directly deliver the goods to the consolidated transportation warehouse by SF.

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