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Price List of EMS from China to Senegal

Price List of EMS from China to Senegal





Discount price of EMS


Starting weight 0.5KG

Continued weight 0.5KG






49.7% off

 30 kg

Please refer to “Notice for EMS International Express” and “Weight Limit and Package Size of Guangzhou EMS” for the rules of sending packages by EMS.

The price of EMS from China to Senegal in 2020 is based on EMS standard charge. And the calculation of the freight is based on 0.5 kg as a charging unit, the freight for starting weight, 0.5 kg, is RMB 445, and that for each additional 0.5 kg is RMB 120.

Here, we offer super low discount price of EMS to Senegal for individuals, international students and companies. The lowest discount is of 49.7% off, that is, the freight for the starting weight is 223.83 yuan, and only 60.36 yuan for each additional 0.5 kg, which helps save more than half of the freight.

Generally, those who don't have access to the Internet or have no extensive contacts will not know that EMS can offer discount price, and EMS also has international freight forwarders in China to sell their products. Without knowing that the agent could get a discount. The customers couldn't get the discount price when they went to the post office.

How much does it cost to send 0.5kg clothes from Guangzhou to Dakar, the capital of Senegal? According to the above discount price, RMB 223.83 is required. There is no remote area surcharge, no fuel surcharge, fixed price, full package price, door-to-door service.

Express services from Hong Kong to Senegal: DHL, UPS, FedEx, Aramex.

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