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The cost of EMS express delivery to the UK

The cost of EMS express delivery to the UK 2020
Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg
    First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg
6 ENGLAND 90 28 58 56 53

As to the regulations of EMS package delivery, please refer to EMS international express delivery notes.

The price of EMS express delivery to the UK is the discount price of Goodhope Freight, the agent of China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited. Compared with the published price of EMS international express, the price in the table above is about 50% discount, which is quite cheap in the present market.

The overseas Chinese living in Britain purchase things( eg. instant noodles,hotpot condiments, dried vegetables, Lao Gan Ma, mobile phone accessories, luggage,learning materials used by oneself,old clothes have been worn at home),from Taobao, China's domestic online shopping mall,to some areas of England(eg. Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton). EMS is applicable for any conditions mentioned above.

What's more, the cost of express delivery to the UK is much less than that of your families, relatives and friends sending it directly by EMS. In addition,we company can provide you many professional assistance: help you fill in the EMS form; prepare the “commercial invoice”, one of the British custom application materials; check whether your cargo can board the airplane, whether be permitted to pass the British custom and whether tax is required and so on.

EMS express to the UK is based on one parcel one ticket and the maximum weight of 30kg per parcel. And the price varies according to four weight segments. More specifically, 0.5kg to 9.5kg is a charging section, and 0.5kg is the minimum starting weight. The price of the first 0.5kg is 90 yuan, and the fee for each additional 0.5kg (one catty) will be 28 yuan. The latter two weight sections are charged according to how much RMB per kilogram, but the more weight you send, the cheaper the average price will be.

For example, the formula for the total cost of 23 kg shoes you send by EMS to the UK is: 53 yuan kg * 23kg = 1219 yuan. Of course, this price does not include the possible customs duties in the UK. The price of 53 yuan/kg for international express to the UK is not very high. DHL international express to the UK needs 40 yuan/kg, and the cheap TNT International Express also needs 30 yuan/kg . Moreover, you are receiving the services of the world's largest logistics company (China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited), and the services you will enjoy are quite different.

It's so cheap to express by EMS to the UK. But how long does it take for EMS from China to the UK? Can EMS provide sea freight service to the UK? What about air freight? The accurate answer is that the average time for EMS is 7-10 working days from the time of receiving goods in China to the point of delivering goods to the consignee. The speed is quite fast, and it only takes a few days!

To find out where the parcel is and when it can be sent to the UK, you can check express tracking on China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited official website (