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Shipping To FBA From China

shipping to fba

About Shipping to Amazon FBA

About shipping to FBA from China, different shipping ways to different amazon FBA warehouse. Some knowledge about shipping to Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA program needs step by step.

Amazon FBA warehouse address and code

There are update Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) address and FBA code number, USA Amazon FBA warehouse address, Europe amazon FBA warehouse address, Canada amazon FBA warehouse address, Japan amazon FBA warehouse address and code.

Shipping To FBA USA Distribution Centers By Air Freight

The products which sell on Amazon doesn't have battery, we can arrange air freight from Shenzhen airport, Beijing airport, Guangzhou airport, Shanghai airport to the US Airport, we will provide professional shipping to FBA requirement, check the cartons whether meet the requirement, heavy or less than the weight. longer or not. LBA labels whether is correct, and documents for the US customs...

When the air cargo arrive US airport, our US freight forwarder will finish customs clear pay the import duty(General cargo cost 6%, below $ 800 is free). There are two transport delivery to FBA, one buy UPS express, this way doesn't need make an appointment before delivery, the other way is to use truck shipping to FBA, before delivery to warehouse, you need to use the Amazon warehouse number, call the FBA make an appointment, make sure don't delay. This way is cheaper than UPS express.