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Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Different Amazon freight forwarders good at different jobs, some good at sea freight, some excelled at air freight, some skilful shipping small packages provide express courier good prices, And some do best for provide local collect handling services. And some Amazon freight forwarder focusing on one marketing, such only shipping from China to America, Canada. They have good relations with their shipping agent or have office in local U.S.A. Below introduce you some kinds of Amazon freight forwarder, When you search for freight forwarder can have reference

Sea freight Amazon freight forwarder. Sea freight is more complex shipping jobs than air freight and courier. It need freight forwarder and their company operator know more about English,writen English, speaking English. Sea freight documents SO, booking form, use email contact with shipping company or overseas agent it need use English. More shipping steps, choose better shipping lines, king about the good sea freight with shipping company, confirm close time, cut documents time, send correct full bill of lading details on time. Assist port of destination freight forwarder finish customs clearance. Discount with they for local charges, delivery charges. If there have some returned Amazon goods provide better solution.

Air freight Amazon freight forwarder. Air freight forwarders office more near airports, Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Shanghai airport, Beijing airport, Hongkong airport. Air freight Amazon freight forwarder whom in here can deal with any air cargo problem immediately. They also have good relationship with airlines companies and their sales, well know the air paces, air rates to which country is better.

Express/courier Amazon freight forwarder. When you read here maybe you think about that why there have courier freight forwarder, i can use courier services direct with their company? Because courier Amazon freight forwarder can provide better prices from different courier companies, you only can get the price from one courier company. Courier Amazon freight forwarder can provide additional services: repack, take photos, preparation “commercial invoice or other documents to courier company. They can checking the goods for you...

Collect handling Amazon freight forwarder in China. Warehouse, collect,supply chain etc services.

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