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Shipping From China To Amazon FBA

shipping from china to amazon fba

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA by China freight forwarder. We provide door to door shipping to FBA Amazon warehouse services.

Before shipping from China to Amazon FBA, reading all FBA inquiry is important, including the correct labels, type, color, size, quantity, packing, shipment ID, notify party (attorney for customs procedures). As shipment ID which is provided from Amazon to you, by using this ID, Amazon knows well which is your shipment. Amazon has a little different requirements for different countries. When you using shipping from China to Amazon FBA for the first time, experienced international freight forwarder will ask you what kinds of documents you need to ready, what information you need to inquire.

Another shipping job is import duty. Amazon isn’t the true importer. Amazon won’t pay the import duty. So you need to pay the import duty by yourself. Choose one freight forwarder who can pay the import duty instead of you. Most of Chinese freight forwarders want you to pay 30%~~40~ value from “COMMERCIAL INVOICE”. The total cost USD3800 you need to pay for freight forwarder is approximately USD3800*35%=USD1330. After the goods arrive at the destination of the customs, there will be the true “Invoice duties and Taxes”. Forwarder will give you then.