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20ft contianer cbm how many

20 FT Container CBM

How large is the size of a 20 size standard container and how many 20 ft container CBM cubic meters of goods can be exported by sea.

How many cubic meters can the 20 - foot standard container (20 ft container CBM) be loaded with? First, let's calculate the size of the three sides of the 20 - foot container.

5898 millimeter *2352 millimeter *2595 millimeter

589.8 cm *235.2 cm *259.5 cm
5.898 m *2.352 m *2.595 meters

The 20 ft container CBM formula of volume cubic meter is: length * height = volume.

The total cubic meter of 20 ft container CBM is 5.898 m *2.352 m *2.595 m =35.998 cubic meters. That is to say, 20 FT standard box can hold almost 36 cubic meters of cargo, but this is just a perfect box to hold so much, usually only 28 cubic meters to 32 cubic meters of goods.

The above is the 20 ft container CBM volume and size of the COSCO standard in shipping containers and other shipping companies, MSK shipping, CMA CGM Mediterranean Shipping CMA CGM and other shipping companies of the 20 dimensions of the container volume is the same.

Different packaging products are different for shipping export, some are cartons, some are pallets, how much cargo can be shipped by 20 ft container CBM, depending on the actual packaging of goods, it is recommended that you confirm with your supplier how much specific goods can be loaded.




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