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cm to m3 formula

CM to M3 formula

If the border length unit is centimetre to cubic meter, the volume is calculated, if you know the packing of the goods centimeters in size? The following is the standard calculation cm to m3 formula:

Cubic meter = length * width * high (centimeter) /1000000.

For example, the use of international shipping LCL shipment from Guangzhou to Malaysia Port Klang, the following is a detailed packing of the goods list.

Packing List
Carton No. product name champion:'s  model QTY of goggles (PCS) QTYof goggles in each inside case QTY of Inside case in each Carton QTY of cartons Net Weight(KG)of one carton cartons Gross Weight (KG) Dimension of the carton(
Total Capacity (CBM)
                  L W H Capacity  
1-10 swimming caps CAP-5000
960 12 8 10 60.5 80.5 49 39 45 0.086 0.860
Total           960     10 60.5 80.5         0.860
Total carton:  18cartons . Total of the quantity 1728PCS     

The box size: 49 mm *39 mm *45 mm, then a box calculate the total volume of the cubic meters, first we put a unit of length in mm meters, then directly use the volume cm to m3 formula to calculate.
1.49 mm *39 mm *45 mm =0.49 m *0.39 m *0.45 M

The total volume of 2. cubic meters is: 0.49*0.39*0.45=0.085995 cubic meters. The total volume of 10 cartons is 0.86 cubic meters

The cm to m3 formula can also be converted into volumetric weight directly using millimeters: (49 mm *39 mm *45 mm) / 1000000=0.08599 cubic meter CBM.

Export international shipping, international air freight, international express DHL FEDEX UPS TNT all need to grasp the volume cm to m3 formula method, usually sellers factory will provide the approximate size, they may be cheaper millimeter, centimeter and meter as a unit.

When you get how to use cm to m3 formula, you can easily know how many cartons can fill in one 20FT, or 40FT, 40HC container.




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