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calculate the volume

How to calculate the volume

How to calculate the volume when you plan to buy products from China, and thinking about using which type of container. The method of calculating the volume of the volume, if the volume of the square of a cylindrical rectangular cube is calculated in a different shape?

How to calculate the volume First, learn a number of unit names related to volume calculation. V: the volume, the unit is cubic meter, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter, generally use cubic meter as the volume unit.

S: area, refers to the area of the plane, such as the table area of the table; The height of H: goods; R: the radius of a circle refers to half the length of the circle. L: the length, the unit is rice, centimeter, millimeter. W: width

General formula for general cargo volume

(S is the bottom area, h is high)

Calculation formula of cylinder volume

Calculation formula of cylinder volume

(R represents the radius of the bottom circle, H represents the height of the cylinder)

Calculation formula of prism volumee


(bottom area x high)

Formula for calculating the volume of rectangle

(a, B and C represent the length, width and height of the cuboid, respectively)

For example, the three sides of rectangular cartons are 0.1 M, 0.3 m and 0.6 m, respectively. The total volume of this box is 0.1*0.3*0.6 m, =0.018 cubic meter.

Square volume calculation formula

Square volume calculation formula

A said the edges of the cube, cube for volume formula

, namely: Volume multiplied by the length of the three side

For example, the square of the carton length is: 30 CM, then the square volume is: 30*30*30CM=27000 cubic centimeter.

Now you can use the over formula easy learn How to calculate the volume for your shipment. And you can know your shipment’s Volumetric Weight when by air freight or by international FedEx express.

When you had a grasp of how to calculate the volume, you can know to choose 20FT container or use 40HC container booking from shipping company.




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