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UPS Express - China Forwarder

UPS Express, United Parcel Service Co., Ltd. has a long history of hundreds of years, the Chinese abbreviation, UPS, China's business is mainly to provide international express delivery services from China to Europe, the United States, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia.

UPS China has 17 cities that provide door-to-door delivery and import delivery services, and is growing. Such service are temporarily unavailable in other areas. If you are using UPS Express services elsewhere, the best way is through the UPS courier service of your local international freight forwarder.

Many of UPS China businesses are carried out through China's international freight forwarders. The advantage of this is that it saves its huge cost of opening a store; it improves work efficiency, there are many documents and work to be prepared in the early stage of international item, and different products are not necessarily able to meet the requirements of UPS express. International Freight Forwarder is an expert in this area, which solves this problem well and improves the efficiency of UPS Express.

UPS Express Customer Service

Only phone service of UPS express customer service are available in China, you can call UPS customer service,and the toll-free number is: 400-820-8388, consult about UPS account opening, freight, UPS express inquiry, UPS express clearance, UPS aging and other issues.

UPS Express Fuel Surcharge

UPS express fuel surcharges are divided into two types in China, one is UPS mainland fuel surcharge, and the other is UPS Hong Kong fuel surcharge.

The time for the UPS Express fuel surcharge to take effect shall be subject to the official website of UPS China or the UPS mail announcement. it changes, every month, every year,with the changes in the fuel market.

UPS Inquiry and Tracking

ups There are several ways to query and track:

One is the UPS official website: the website address is: The Chinese service is provided.

The other is to send an email to UPS Express on UPS China website. If you have UPS express specific business or operator's email address, you can also send it to them. They will help you to check some problems that are not displayed on the official website, or help you explain some of the problem pieces.

Another is to call UPS China, which is the toll-free number above. Report the UPS express delivery number to their customer service.

UPS International Courier Fees and Discounts

Due to the numerous UPS express channels provided by our company, different channels, different products, different weights, different destination countries, our discount prices will be different, please refer to our company's real-time price.

As a large forwarder of UPS Express in China, the goods we deliver to UPS Express every day are very large, and the discount that UPS provides to us is much lower than the discounts obtained by the factory and UPS.

UPS International Express Published Price and Discount

Hong Kong UPS 2018 announced the price - Red-bill

Hong Kong UPS International Express 2018 Announced Price - UPS Blue-bill

UPS Surcharge

Hong Kong UPS Express Agency Channel Freight List

UPS International Express Divisions

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