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The Latest and Most Complete UPS Express Surcharge

The Latest and Most Complete UPS Express Surcharge includes incidental charges, remote surcharges, private residence delivery fees, Saturday expedited delivery, and extra long and overweight handling fees.

UPS express additional charges

UPS Peak Season Surcharge:

UPS Peak Season Surcharge Fee Instructions
UPS Peak Season Surcharge Fee Instructions
*The peak season surcharge is based on the exchange rate per kilogram depending on the destination during a specific time period, and is calculated by charged weight, which is a charge other than the existing fee surcharge *
UPS Worldwide Express** 
Including UPS Worldwide Express Plus 
UPS Worldwide Express及 
UPS Worldwide Express Saver
Country Exported from Hong Kong to the United States and the Americas
(America includes Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico)
Date  Worldwide Express** Worldwide Expedited Remarks
From 0:00 on September 15 to September 22 1.8RMB/KG 1.4RMB/KG Diversion before holiday
With increase in consignment
From 0:00 on September 22 to September 30 2.8RMB/KG 2.2RMB/KG Before Golden Week holiday in China
From 0:00 on October 1 to November 17th 1.8RMB/KG 1.4RMB/KG Increase in consignment before American Thanksgiving
From 0:00 on November 17 to December 2nd 2.8RMB/KG 2.2RMB/KG American Thanksgiving Day together with
Black Friday and Cyber Monday
From 0:00 on  December 3, December 15 1.8RMB/KG 1.4RMB/KG Increase in consignment before Christmas Eve
From 0:00 December 15 to December 23 2.8RMB/KG 2.2RMB/KG Increase in consignment before Christmas Eve