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shipping us to china cost

Shipping From US To China Cost

Why there many Chinese want to know Shipping from US to China cost, because China become rich, and people have money they want to looking forward better quality goods improve their life, Chinese people think that the goods from America are very goods and there many famous brand products made in US, It is very easy buy from US now, because the internet, they can buy from Amazon, buy from Ebay... Buy such as Health care products, perfume, skin care products, kitchenware, furniture, fitness equipment, instruments, electronic products, coffee, clothes.... Some buy from internet by themselves some ask their friend or relative, classmate, colleague buy from shop than ship to China direct.

Shipping from US to China cost, there have many shipping way shipping from US to China, for example 1. Small packages choose by air the cost is cheaper and the transit time is faster. 2. The large shipment use sea freight shipping from US to China cost is lower. Transport path there main two ways, one is the importer whom have import documents if that can arrange sea freight from US to Chinese sea port direct by FCL, FCL. The other is that the importer doesn’t have any documents for import goods, the shipping way most via from Hongkong, than by truck or by air, by sea to China Mainland. From Hongkong export to Mainland China have many advantage, you only need provide “Commercial invoice”, “Packing list” pay the shipping charges is enough export to China. The buyer whom buy small stuffs (just below 1CBM or 200KG)

Are there any Cheapest Way to Send Package to China? Depend on your cargo details different cargo the cheapest shipping way is different, some cargo shipped by courier company in local US direct to China the cost shipping from US to China is the cheapest, Most of cargoes looking for freight forwarding company handle for you is the best choose.

China to USA Shipping Time: 1. Shipping from US to China by post shipping time usually approximately between 10days to 15days. 2. Shipping from US to China by sea freight approximately shipping time is between 15days to 20days from Western America to Chinese main sea ports; between 30days to 35days from Eastern American such as New York/Newark/New Jersey/Chicago/MIAMI to Chinese main sea ports. 3. Shipping from U.S.A to China shipping time by air freight by courier(DHL FEDEX UPS TNT) approximately shipping time is 3days~5days.

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