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Shipping Companies From China To USA

Shipping companies from China to USA need have what kinds of skills and experience. As everyone known import or export shipping from China to US by sea are not easy and simple than by air and courier. What skills and experience does freight forwarding company need  proper conditions? Below are some skills that they need have:

1.Shipping companies from China to USA need have “NOVCC”(Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). The freight forwarding company who has “NOVCC” they can book space directly from shipping companies in local China. They will have contract with local shipping companies and shipping companies will give them contract price. Different shipping companies will provide different contract price to different freight forwarding companies, specification the specially cargo maybe will have better sea freight also.Sofa, furniture general can have specially sea freight, some freight forwarding have a lot of containers booking from one shipping company, they can get better price maybe.

2.Shipping companies from China to USA need have agent in local USA. Globalization time freight forwarding company between two countries work together is trend. Local freight forwarding company knows very well local customs, local shipping regulations how to handle shipments smoothly finish, they can easily communicate with clients or other people each other, pay the local charges, handling charges, warehouse fee, customs duty. Shipping from China to USA door to door the Chinese freight forwarding company actual want one good logistics partners who are in American. So that can provide clients simple shipping services, the clients doesn’t need to look for more freight forwarder handling in China and the other handling in US, it can save cost and save shipping time.

3.Shipping companies from China to USA the employees who from freight forwarding need have professional knowledge of international freight forwarding. The international shipping all documents used English, the employees knows very well English, and take careful checking each documents, make sure the contents are correct, doesn’t have any mistake, even have a small error, if there have any error from documents, there will take some fee changes to modifications. Beside English, the other need to have know each shipping steps, close time, AMS, ISF time, how to work with consignee who have import bond, and who doesn’t have import bond. Assist consignee and freight forwarding in US fill correct ISF and make sure to on time finish this documents! Each shipping steps time is very very important, if you doesn’t follow shipping company times, you will have big problem for this container, maybe cannot catch up with vessel or maybe will have forfeitures from US customs....

There are not all freight forwarding companies can handling shipments from China to USA. Choose professional and trusted logistics partner in China.