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Does Taobao ship to Canada? Taobao ship to Canada way

Does Taobao ship to Canada? Not! Buyer from Canada buy from Taobao and get their item can not ship down to their door step in Canada. To those new to Taobao and its presence in China, you must be wondering on how goods from China are transported to Canada. There are several modes of transport used by Taobao to ship your goods from China to your living room in Canada. What is important is that your goods should reach you undamaged and in good condition. These depend entirely on the shipping method and the freight forwarder you use. A freight forwarder is an intermediary between your goods and their final destination. They normally handle all the necessary legalities involved in the collection of your goods from the seller to international shipping. They are linked between trucks to the air freight and ocean freight. Therefore, it is important that you choose your freight forwarder with great care. The most common methods used to shipping from China to Canada are:

> Taobao ship to Canada way : Regular post: this is the cheapest method of shipping small parcels and light weight item to Canada; most often the weight limit is 2 kilograms. It is most often the china post, and it takes 2-5 weeks to arrive. It is easy to track the shipment as long as the information is updated on time. Though it is the cheapest, the safety of your goods is not assured.

Taobao ship to Canada way : By sea freight services: if you have a wide variety of goods and they are in large number, the best method will be by sea. It is ideal for large shipment, and it is also a cheap mode of transport, and it is widely used by businesses which deal in large volumes. Of course, delivery time by sea freight services is long and take up to 60 days in some cases. Similar to an air freight you will have to handle the customs, the necessary documentation and transport of the goods to your destination.

Taobao ship to Canada way : By air cargo services: in case you have purchased something that are in smaller number/urgent, then the best option for your shipping is by air cargo services. The transit time is not too bad; invariably you will receive your goods within 3-10 days. Ideally, any parcel over 250kg is best to be air shipped. When you opt for air shipment, it is your responsibility to handle all the customs clearance at your end.

Taobao ship to Canada way : Courier services: this is one of the most preferred and relatively safer methods of shipping. Here your consignment reaches you within a few days, and almost all the courier companies have local offices in all part of the globe. Courier service is expensive, and its charge based on weight and dimensions of an item. Courier is preferred because each consignment comes with a tracking number which tells you exactly where your goods are at any point of time.

First and foremost you must know that Taobao is in China, and you should always keep in mind this factors before deciding on the best shipping method to use:

Taobao ship to Canada Time taken: ideally, you would like your goods to reach you at the earliest possible time, but this depends on the method of shipping used. Normally goods take five days to several weeks before it gets to you.

Taobao ship to Canada price: it is a given fact that at higher price things get done faster and more efficient, but is it worth the money? If the goods which you need are not urgent, you can opt for a method which is slower and cheaper.

Taobao ship to Canada Custom: individual countries tax the buyer when expensive shipping method like courier is used. Therefore, choosing ideal shipping method is very subjective and dependent on what your needs are and what items you want to ship.