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Shipping From China To Hungary

Hungary has become the latest eastern European country to sell debt in the Chinese mainland. The sale makes Hungary the first country to have sold debt Christian in the Chinese currency on shore as well as off shore, according to Cayorgy Barcia. Hungary economy is benefiting from the improvement in euro zone growth, the country is benefitting from the improvement in euro zone growth, and the country is also looking to develop economic links to China. Now shipping from China to Hungary involves steps and strategies to deliver to the final destination.

Freight Shipping From China To Hungary

Air Freight To Hungary

Air Freight is the cheapest option for shipping from China to Hungary between about 15kilos and 500kg with about 3 per kilo. Also, it is by far the fattest, express air freight is a little more cost. Shipping from China to Hungary air cargo rates convey widely between forwarders and prices changes regularly. It is advisable for the importer to shop around. For larger shipments sizes of goods from China to Hungary pairs, LCL (Less than Container Load) ocean freight might be cheaper than air freight.

Ocean Freight To Hungary

Shipping from China to Hungary through ocean freight means the weight of the goods to convey is between 500kg and above. Ocean freight shipment is the cheapest option. However, this delivery offers huge economies of scale (some ship can carry 20,000 twenty foot container). Recently some forwarders began to offer a premium service, often called EXPEDITED FREIGHT, which is a little more expensive than usual ocean freight like air cargo, ocean freight rate varies widely between forwarders and over time.


At times, when shipping from China to Hungary, the cost of missing sales is greater than the cost of freight. Rule of thumbs is for lead times are 1 – 2 weeks, for regular post, three days for express shipment.


Shipping from China to Hungary by surface mail takes forever, China post offers much quicker, cost effective options in a mail and express mail service (EMS) which are both likely to take between one and two weeks, however, If something looks wrong with the paperwork, customs will disperse the parcel. So the increase in the cleanse of regular post only takes one week by checking that, the supplier gets the paperwork right before sending.


When shipping from China to Hungary by international courier, allow three days. It includes either picking the parcel up at the Chinese supplier’s door unless the vendor has dropped it off at their depot. If it is urgent, expensive premium services will deliver overnight.


Shipping from China to Hungary air freight takes around 3 – 5 days. It is not that planes are slower, but the fact that air cargo process is much tedious than express delivery whereas express air freight services typically share 2 – 3 days off standard air freight transit times.

Sea Freight

Shipping from China to Hungary through ocean freight takes 20 – 30 days for a door to door sea freight shipment. Ocean transportation has the longest lead time. It is because ships move a lot slower than planes. Ocean liners have to start running slower to save fuel, made critical by gashing freight margins. Moreover, customs requires importers using a single entry bond and going by ocean freight to also take out an ISF bond. On top of that, port congestion, inclement weather condition, and customs delays affect ocean freights much harder than they do for the air transportation.