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Hede Shipping from China to the usa

Hede Shipping Services Launches Fast China-US Express Route

Hede Shipping Services is proud to introduce its container shipping service between China and the USA, offering direct express routes, dedicated terminals, and swift cargo handling.

Connecting Major Trade Hubs

The route connects Shanghai Port, China's largest container port, with Los Angeles Port, North America's largest container port, in the West Coast region.

Inaugural Voyage and Schedule

The brand-new USWC Express Route is scheduled for its maiden voyage on March 21st, 2024. The inaugural vessel, the Hede Atlantic (BFAD ATLANTIC) with a capacity of 3,426 TEUs, will embark on a direct voyage from Shanghai to Los Angeles, berthing at the WBCT terminal in Los Angeles, completing the journey in just 13 days.

Comprehensive Origin Ports

The route offers a wide range of origin ports, providing shippers with greater flexibility in their supply chain planning. The route offers direct services from Shanghai Port, Tangshan Port, Panjin Port, Jinzhou Port, Qinhuangdao Port, Caofeidian Port, Tianjin Port, Huangpu Port, Weifang Port, Longkou Port, Chapu Port, Nanjing Port, Taicang Port, and Jiangyin Port.

Destination Port and Dedicated Terminal

The destination port is the WBCT dedicated terminal at Los Angeles Port.

Enhanced Efficiency and Convenience

Hede Shipping from China to the usa

Hede Shipping Services is committed to providing a seamless and efficient shipping experience for its customers. To further expedite cargo handling, Hede has secured dedicated berths and exclusive gates at the Los Angeles WBCT terminal, enabling faster cargo clearance upon arrival. Additionally, Hede has prepared 500 (with plans to expand to 1,000) self-owned chassis to facilitate swift cargo movement. Furthermore, Hede offers a generous free time of 4 days for Demurrage (DEM) and 7 days for Detention (DET).

Delay Compensation Guarantee

Hede shipping is confident in its ability to deliver on its promise of timely cargo delivery. To demonstrate this commitment, Hede is introducing a Delay Compensation Clause for its USWC Express Route. For the inaugural voyage, customers who request expedited container release can collect their containers within 2 hours of vessel berthing. If the release process exceeds 24 hours, Hede will compensate customers with $1,000 per hour of delay.

Open for Booking and Enhanced Services

The inaugural voyage of the Hede USWC Express Route is now open for booking 20GP, 40GP, and 40HQ general cargo containers. Additionally, Hede Shipping is offering pre-booking express container release services at the destination port.

Dedicated Berth and Gates at Los Angeles WBCT

The Los Angeles WBCT terminal, where the USWC route berths, will provide Hede with exclusive use of berth 126 and two dedicated express release gates. This dedicated infrastructure will significantly enhance operational efficiency and expedite cargo handling.

Hede Shipping China to USA Sailing Schedule

Hede Shipping China to USA Sailing Schedule, use between 05TH MAY 2024 to 15TH July 2024.

Hede Shipping China to USA Sailing Schedule
Hede Shipping 2024 JUN Vessel Schedule  HEX Service:Shanghai-Los Angeles-Shanghai
PONTRESINA 2401E 5/15 5/16 5/29 5/30 2401W 6/18
ADONIS 2402E 5/22 5/23 6/5 6/6 2402W 6/25
BFAD ATLANTIC 2403E 5/29 5/30 6/12 6/13 2403W 7/2
RENJIAN 10 2403E 6/5 6/6 6/19 6/20 2403W 7/9
ANDROKLIS 2403E 6/12 6/13 6/26 6/27 2403W 7/16
PONTRESINA 2402E 6/19 6/20 7/3 7/4 2402W 7/23
ADONIS 2403E 6/26 6/27 7/10 7/11 2403W 7/30
BFAD ATLANTIC 2404E 7/3 7/4 7/17 7/18 2404W 8/6
Hede Shipping from China to the usa