Maersk Shipping Services from China to USA: A Comprehensive Guide for Importers and Exporters

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Maersk Shipping Services from China to USA: A Comprehensive Guide for Importers and Exporters

Maersk China and US Office Contact Information


Main Office: Shanghai, China

Address: 25th Floor Reception, Building 20, Ping'an Binjiang Financial Center, 757 Mengzi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200023, Chinaexclamation

Phone: +86 400 8423 828


Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

United States:

Main Office: Los Angeles, USA

Address: 180 Park Avenue, Building 105, PO Box 950, 07932 Florham Park, NJ, USA

Phone: +1 (800) 321 8807


Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Maersk Container Trace and Tracking from China to USA:

Trace and Tracking your shipments and containers using Maersk's official website:

Enter your bill of lading or container number to access shipment information.

Tracking typically starts when the container is loaded and begins moving through the supply chain.

Track historical container records for a reasonable period, though the exact range may vary.

Generally, you should be able to track container history for recent months or longer.

For very old records, data may be unavailable due to expiration or storage limitations.

Troubleshooting Tracking Issues:

Incorrect Input: Verify your container or tracking number for accuracy.

Duplicate Numbers: Rare instances exist where different containers share the same number.

System Error: Contact Maersk customer service if the system consistently provides incorrect information.

Types of Maersk Containers

Dry Cargo Containers

Dry cargo containers are called "dry cargo containers" because they do not have any temperature control - they are the basic containers for goods such as toys and clothes. They are the most common type of container in the world, and 90% of seaborne goods are loaded in them, and they come in different container sizes and variants:

20-foot container or 1 TEU: The standard 20-foot seaborne container or "dry van" is one of the most commonly used containers for shipping goods. They are designed to carry more weight than bulky goods. This is suitable for heavy goods such as minerals, metals, machinery, sugar, paper, cement, and steel coils. You can use the cubic meter calculator to calculate the size of a 20-foot container.

40-foot container or 1 FFE: Another very common size, the 40-foot dry cargo container is designed to carry and store more bulk goods rather than heavy goods. For example, furniture, steel pipes, waste paper, or cotton.

40 High Cube Container (40HC): These containers are designed for lighter goods. The size of the 40HC container is higher, so you can accommodate more goods. However, due to the weight limit of each container, you cannot use them for heavier goods.

msk dry container 20GP 40GP 40HQ 45HQ

Refrigerated Containers

These are cargo containers with temperature control. They are ideal for storing and transporting perishable items that need to be refrigerated over long distances, such as flowers or food. Refrigerated containers come in a variety of sizes, including 20-foot, 40-foot, 40HC, and 45HC, with different temperature ranges.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA Container): This type of freight container provides suitable conditions inside the cargo container to help slow down ripening, preserve perishable agricultural products, and greatly extend the shelf life of the goods, especially during long-distance travel.

msk refrigerated containers 20rf 40rf 40HC 45HC

Special Containers

These containers have special sizes for special goods. They include:

Open-top Container: A container with a size suitable for ultra-high and not easily loaded through the door.

Flat Rack: A cargo container that is very suitable for transporting oversized goods, such as heavy machinery, yachts, and construction materials.

Platform: For odd-shaped goods that do not fit any other type or size of container.

Transportable Tank: Made of strong steel or other anti-corrosion materials for the storage, transportation, and long-life protection of liquid materials.

msk Open Top Containers,Flat Racks,Platforms,Tank Containers

Maersk China to USA Vessel Schedules

Sample MSK container shipping Schedule from Shenzhen to Los Angeles:

MSK container shipping Schedule from Shenzhen to Los Angeles
Voyage Name Voyage Number Departure Arrival Transit Time
MSK Single 423N 2024/6/8 2024/7/4 20 days 16 hours
MSK Rosa M 424N 2024/6/15 2024/7/11 20 days 16 hours
MSK Lauren 425N 2024/6/22 2024/7/18 20 days 16 hours

The above table shows Maersk's voyage from Yantian Port in Shenzhen to Los Angeles Port in the United States. The departure time of each voyage name and voyage number is different, but the transit time is the same, which is 20 days and 16 hours.

Maersk's shipping schedule from China to the United States includes the TPX20 eastbound line, mainly departing from Qingdao, China to Houston, USA. The ports of call include Qingdao, Shanghai, Yantian, Newark, Baltimore, and Houston.

Maersk China to USA Sea Freight Rates
Maersk China to USA Sea Freight Rates 2024
Container Type Price (USD)
20GP 3000
40GP 4000
40HQ 4500

The sea freight of Maersk from Shenzhen to the United States is: $3000 for a 20GP container, $4000 for a 40GP container, and $4500 for a 40HQ container.

Validity: 2024/05/01 - 2024/06/18

How to get Maersk sear freight quote from China to the USA

How to get Maersk container shipping sear freight quote from China to the USA?

Requesting Quotes through Maersk's Official Website:

Visit Maersk's official website:

Navigate to the "Get a Quote" or similar section: You may find this on the homepage or through relevant pages.

Provide basic shipment details: This may include origin port, destination port, cargo type, container type, and estimated shipping time.

Submit your quote request: Maersk's sales team or customer service representatives will promptly contact you with a detailed quote and transportation plan.

Requesting Quotes through Local Booking Agents:

Identify your departure port in China: Locate Maersk booking agents near your chosen port.

Gather agent contact information: Utilize online searches, freight forwarder recommendations, or Maersk customer service to obtain agent details.

Contact the booking agent: Provide your quote request information, including origin port, destination port, cargo type, container type, and estimated shipping time.

Receive quotes and transportation plans: The booking agent will gather quotes from Maersk or other carriers and present you with options.

Booking Maersk Shipping Services from China to the US

Booking through Maersk's Official Website:

Access Maersk's website:

Locate the "Booking" or similar section: Find this option on the website's main menu or relevant pages.

Fill in shipment details: Provide cargo type, quantity, weight, volume, and other relevant information.

Select departure date and desired voyage: Choose the date you want your shipment to depart and the preferred shipping route.

Review and accept terms and conditions: Carefully read and agree to the applicable terms and conditions.

Submit booking request: Submit your booking request and await confirmation.

Booking with Contract Rates:

Choose a suitable contract rate type: Maersk offers various contract rate options, including Flat, Seasonal Pre-set, Season Sync, BlockSpace, Flexible, and Unlimited.

Contact Maersk sales or customer service: Discuss and finalize the specific terms and conditions of your desired contract rate.

Sign the contract: Once the terms are agreed upon, sign the contract to proceed with booking under the agreed-upon rates.

Booking through Local Booking Agents at the Origin Port:

Find Maersk agents near your origin port: Locate Maersk (MSK) agents in your region or near your departure port.

Contact the agent with booking details: Provide your booking requirements, including cargo details, departure date, and desired voyage.

Utilize agent assistance: The agent will guide you through the booking process and coordinate with Maersk on your behalf.

Booking through Destination Port Agents:

Identify Maersk agents or partners at the US destination port: Locate Maersk (MSK) agents or partners near your chosen US destination port.

Contact the destination port agent: Provide your booking requirements, and they will assist you with the booking process and ensure smooth delivery of your cargo in the US.

Advantages of Maersk's US Shipping Routes

Extensive Route Network:

Maersk boasts a comprehensive network of US routes, covering major ports and inland destinations.

Customers enjoy convenient access to diverse shipping options tailored to their specific needs.

Rich Shipping Experience:

Maersk possesses extensive experience in the shipping industry and employs a team of experts.

Familiarity with US route characteristics and requirements ensures tailored solutions and cargo safety.

High Transportation Efficiency:

Maersk prioritizes efficiency, optimizing route planning and vessel loading to reduce transit times and costs.

Customers benefit from rapid and accurate cargo tracking, enabling real-time shipment status monitoring.

Customized Services:

Maersk caters to individual customer needs by offering customized service solutions.

From packaging and loading to specific transportation requirements, Maersk ensures cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Strong Brand Reputation:

Maersk is a globally recognized leader in the shipping industry, renowned for its brand reputation and reliability.

Customer-centric approach and emphasis on service quality have earned Maersk widespread trust and positive feedback.