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Price List of EMS express delivery services from China to Austria

Discount Price List of EMS express delivery services from China to Austria
Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg Settlement discount
    First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg  
15 Austria 140 27 58 56 54 full-discount

As to the regulations of EMS parcel delivery services, please refer to the "Notes for EMS International Express Delivery services ", and "Guangzhou EMS Weight Limit and Package Size provisions".

One could send packages from China to Austria by EMS at the discount price per kilogram. This preferential price is provided by international logistics company transferring packages.

If sending packages from China to Austria, the freight is as low as 27yuan per pound by EMS, which is less than half the cost of S.F. international express, 13yuan less per pound than DHL international express, and much less than FedEx express. Such a cheap price is rare in the international logistics market because it is the lowest internal discount price that China Post’s EMS has given to its first-class agent company in China. It's impossible for ordinary people to get such a low price. And only the professionals who often use EMS international express can know where to get the discount price.

Of course, although the price to Austria provided by us is very low, our service is the same as that of sending things by yourself. What’s more, we could provide you with better additional services, such as how to pack goods more securely, how to conduct consolidation and transshipment from Taobao, and how to prepare customs clearance documents. We also make sure that you will be clear of which can be sent, which cannot be, and which is contraband in advance.

After delivering your package to Guangzhou EMS post office, we will give you a corresponding shipment number. And you can input this number in the official website to track your package easily and know when to reach the destination. Packages can be sent to many cities in Austria by EMS, including Vienna, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Graz, Linz.

Remind you that the above price is the price of international air freight, not EMS sea freight. The time it takes from Guangzhou to Austria is about 7 to 10 days.