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Discount Price of EMS express delivery services from China to Canada

Discount Price List of EMS express delivery services from China to Canada
Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg Settlement discount
    First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg  
5 Canada 120 32 60 55 53 full-discount

As to the regulations of EMS parcel delivery services, please refer to the "Notes for EMS International Express Delivery services ", and "Guangzhou EMS Weight Limit and Package Size provisions".

Which is the cheapest express for individuals (residents with Canadian Permanent Resident Card, overseas students, workers, immigrants) to send packages to Canada? For sending less than 30 kg of package, EMS is the best choice, whose discount price probably is the cheapest and lowest one you can find in the whole market.

This price is about sixty-one percent of the published one on the official website of China Postal Express &Logistics Company Limited. That is to say, almost sixty-one percent of the freight can be saved if sending packages to Canada at the discount we provide for you.

For example, the official price is 180yuan per kilogram if sending packages of 17kg from China to Canada by EMS, while the discount price is 55yuan per kilogram through Goodhope International Forwarding Company. Therefore, if sending 17 kg of tae-leaves to Canada at the discount price, you can save (180-55) * 17 = 2125yuan in total!

EMS provides formal export declaration and customs clearance service, which is much safer than you yourself carry it to Canada and much cheaper than baggage check-in. However, compared with the way that you take a plane to Canada with packages by yourself, it will take seven extra days to send packages to Canada by EMS. So if you are in a hurry to use something, it is not a good choice to send it by EMS.

It is easy to calculate the total postage from China to Canada through the above price list. You can measure which one is more cost-efficient and can meet your own needs safely and quickly: to shop locally in Canada, or whether to purchase things from Taobao, or Tmall and then deliver them to Canada in a centralized way?

EMS international express from China to Canada takes the approach of international air freight. And the calculation formula of volumetric weight is different from that of DHL international express China to Canada.

Actually, EMS does not calculate volumetric weight in the most cases. Of course, as to very large pieces of light goods, such as more than one cubic meter of packages, may be rejected by EMS. So At this time, you have to choose the international shipping LCL to Canada or international express to Canada.

Many people don't understand why the price provided by international logistics agents is so much cheaper than the postage they get from the post office, and many people never consider that they would find an agent to deliver the goods even though it is so convenient, cost-efficient, and reassuring.

We( Goodhope International Forwarding Company) provides a very cheap international express channel for the vast number of friends living or working in Canada. You all can send packages to Canada by EMS at a discount price, which truly serves the people, saves freight for people.