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Price of EMS express delivery from China to Spain

Price List of EMS Express Delivery from China to Spain
Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg Settlement discount
First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg
8 西班牙 130 32 60 58 限重20公斤

*Baggage is usually limited to 20kg.

As to the regulations of EMS parcel delivery, please refer to the "Notes for EMS International Express Delivery ", and "Guangzhou EMS Weight Limit and Package Size provisions".

The price on the above price list is agent discount price for international logistics company provider by China Postal Express &Logistics Company Limited. And this price is about forty-eight percent of the official published price, that is, fifty-two percent off, which is the lowest price in the market.

The price of EMS express delivery from China to Spain is for all individuals at home, overseas students, overseas Chinese in Spain, people who need to import from China and send packages to Spain by EMS. If sending packages through us (Goodhope Forwarding Company),a big deal of freight can be saved.

If one wants to send packages from China to Spain at the lowest postage, please contact us and send packages to our international consolidation and transit warehouse in Shenzhen. We will help you prepare the relevant customs clearance documents and deliver your package to Guangzhou EMS in time, and then send it to various cities in Spain: Valencia, Madrid, Algeciras and Albacete.

How much is the freight for a 13.5kg of personal luggage to Madrid, Spain by EMS? According to" Price List of EMS Express Delivery from China to Spain ", the discount price is 60yuan per kilogram if sending packages weighing between 10kg and 15kg.Therefore, the formula for the total cost from Beijing to Spain is: domestic express fee to Shenzhen+60yuan/ kg *13.5kg = domestic express fee+810yuan.That is to say, the international express fee is 810yuan, which is very easy to calculate. You also can calculate the freight of your package online.

Students, teachers and civil servants who have no experience in international logistics have doubts in mailing packages from China to Spain. After all, it is a specialized area of work, which needs to ask professional international freight forwarding agents for help. You can also directly find a post office beside you to mail to Spain by EMS, which doesn't take much time and professional knowledge. But they will charge you the freight according to the official published price. Of course, you also need to provide your ID card when sending packages.

How long does it take for EMS express delivery from China to Spain? It will take about 7-10 days from the time when we receive the package from our warehouse in Shenzhen, which are a few days longer than DHL.