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EMS International Express Shipping Precautions

EMS International Express Shipping Precautions mainly refer to the regulations on the delivery of EMS account of domestic freight forwarders (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing), including the detailed information of package size, weight, compensation standard, customs deduction, transportable products, unacceptable products, etc

  • Calculation method Charging of EMS International Express: charging formula: EMS published price * discount
  • Weighing: subject to the actual weight of the package received by our company. Domestic EMS charges according to actual weight, excluding volume.
  • Products that can be transported: general goods, paste products, imitation brand, goods of Amazon warehouse (less than 7kg);
  • Products that cannot be transported: battery-only products, water aqua, powders and other prohibited products;
  • EMS size and weight requirements: according to the weight limit and size specifications officially published by EMS. Refer to "weight limits and size specifications"
  • Bulky surcharge: if the unilateral length exceeds 60cm, a bulky surcharge of 60RMB / set is required.

    EMS compensation standard: 1) if EMS parcel is lost without access to the Internet or if it is returned after failing to pass the domestic security inspection, it shall be compensated by 100 yuan / kg + returned freight.

    2)If the EMS parcel is lost after being returned to the post office, it shall be compensated by 50 yuan / kg

    3)EMS information has been displayed “sending”. If the post office fails to respond to the result of compensation in three months after the date of order inquiry, our company will pay 50 yuan / kg for compensation + return freight. (for the issuance of the inspection shipment waybill, we will not handle the inspection and compensation matters within 3 months from the date of receiving and shipping, and we will only be responsible for the internal part of the customs. For any problems occurring after customs clearance, such as no information update after sending to the destination, customs duties, storage fees, increase of the proforma invoice, modification of the recipient's information, inquiry of the reason for return, etc., we will only provide what we can. No return or liability for compensation)

  • 4)For EMS domestic customs withholding, if no compensation is made for more than 7kg of imitated brand and paste articles, if the goods within 7kg cannot be taken out, the compensation shall be made according to the 80 yuan / kg plus return freight. (information shall be provided for investigation within one month, and compensation shall be handled two months later)

The original copy of the shipment waybill shall be provided for all the parcels generated compensation, and it shall be handled according to our company's regulations. When the guests send the parcels, please tear the shipment waybill by yourself. If there is no shipment waybill, our company refuses to make compensation;

Domestic EMS International Express Shipping Precautions

  • 1. Before shipping, please apply to our salesman for the shipping list, which must be ours, and must be pasted by the sender. We will not handle it.
  • 2. For all goods, the sender shall operate by himself and stick up the shipping list by himself. The information on the shipping list shall be filled in completely and the data shall be provided completely. If the shipping list issued by our company is not used or not implemented according to this requirement, the online delay, return and all responsibilities or expenses incurred shall be borne by the sender.
  • 3. After the information is completed, the sender shall take out the mailing list for subsequent check or compensation.
  • 4. If you want to check or compensate, you must provide the mailing list. Otherwise, we refuse to provide the check or compensation service.
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