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Discount price list of EMS express delivery from China to Switzerland

Discount Price List of EMS express delivery from China to Switzerland —— the Latest Discount Price List in 2020
Number Country 0.5-9.5kg 10-15kg 16-21kg 22-30kg Settlement discount
    First Weight(yuan/500g) Additional Weight(yuan/500g) yuan/kg yuan/kg yuan/kg  
14 Switzerland 170 27 60 58 55 full-discount

As to the regulations of EMS parcel delivery, please refer to the "Notes for EMS International Express Delivery ", and "Guangzhou EMS Weight Limit and Package Size provisions".

Compared with the official published price of China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited, the discount freight to Switzerland in 2020 is less than thirty-eight percent of it. And this discount is provided by Goodhope Freight Forwarding Company, which is one of the first-class international forwarding agents.

The price to Switzerland by EMS on the above list is a discount price per kilogram after the conversion of the official published price of China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited. On the list, there are only two price columns: one is the price for the first weight, and the other is for additional weight of 0.5 kg (one catty). The freight is charged on the basis of the actual weight of the goods. As to regulations on the specification of each box, please refer to the attachment. For packages within 30 kg, the charge is divided into four weight segments: goods weighing less than 10 kg belong to small packages, which are charged according to the first weight and the additional weight, while the goods weighing more than 10 kg is charged by the kilograms. While confirming the price, you should distinguish it carefully, so as not to regard a very low price as a high one mistakenly!

The general process of sending packages by EMS from home to Switzerland is: firstly, you should send your package to our centralized warehouse in China; then we will deliver it to Guangzhou EMS post office after we have prepared all the export materials; and from that time on, the service you receive is the same as the one EMS China Post provides for you. Besides, you will receive a corresponding shipment number from us, such as EA303637821CN, which begins with "EA" and ends with "CN" in a unified manner. As to the freight, we will charge it at the above discount price, so as to provide preferential benefits for you.

Packages can be sent to many cities in Switzerland by EMS, including Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Bern. You can fill in room number of the community in the consignee column, and then the Swiss post office will send the package to your door.

Note that although the packages are exported with the international express service of EMS China Post, they are delivered by the local Swiss Post, which reflects the cooperative relationship between China Post and Swiss Post. That is to say, the door-to-door delivery is not provided by China Post.